As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis Sentenced to Six Years in Prison

tim lambesis

Tim Lambesis, the frontman of As I Lay Dying, has been sentenced to serve six years in prison for for attempting to hire a hit man to kill his estranged wife, Meggan. Lambesis’ former bandmates, guitarists Nick Hipa, Phil Sgrosso, and bassist Josh Gilbert (now in Wovenwar) were present for the hearing.

A full report can be read at According to the story, Meggan’s family spoke at the hearing and claimed that Lambesis has shown no remorse and “is only sorry he got caught.”

Mike Murphy, Meggan’s father, was the first to speak to the court. As Lambesis watched intently, Murphy explained that some people talk about being a Christian, but Meggan lives a Christian life and that his daughter has influenced other people to adopt children, too. Murphy went on to claim the family still fears assassination: “We know that prison is a great alibi for someone who wants to complete the deed.”

After meeting with Lambesis’ attorney regarding a civil suit, the singer reportedly showed no remorse. “He was only worried about the money. Tim is only sorry he got caught.” He closed by calling for the maximum sentence of nine years.

Meggan’s mother spoke next, claiming that Lambesis had been “abusive” and that he had regarded her daughter’s life “as was a mere inconvenience to this narcissistic child.”

When Meggan finally spoke, Lambesis turned in his seat to listen but didn’t look into her face. The wife and mother of three adopted children, Meggan said Lambesis’ behavior changed in the prior months. He had bullied her. He had become “dangerous.” Reading a prepared statement, she claimed her life “felt as fragile as a piece of paper that could float away at any moment.”

Meggan explained to the court that Lambesis texted her the day before his arrest asking for his children’s social security numbers: “He was tying up loose ends,” she said. She now believes he was fantasizing about killing her in advance, quoting a favorite line from the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film Total Recall where he shoots his wife and says, “Consider that a divorce.” Meggan closed by requesting the maximum sentence and a lifetime restraining order.

Prosecutor Claudia Grasso added that Meggan Lambesis was inconvenient in Tim Lambesis’ “perfect rock star world.”


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  • Mike Boardley

    Tim’s only hope is The Gospel.
    I pray God would have mercy on Tim and grant him repentance and faith.

    • sean

      WOW fuck off moron !!! jesus and steroids are what caused the problems in the first place !!!

      • Mike Boardley

        That is not a reasonable argument my friend.
        I will add you to my prayer list as well. :)
        Grace & Peace.

        • sean

          tell me this, im curious and every other christian douche ive asked cant seem to answer-what about the 4 billion people on earth who dont believe in christ, whats gonna happen to them ???

          • Mike Boardley

            I think that is not a discussion for a message board. I’d be happy to chat with you about it sometime.

          • James

            I feel he should change his ways, i feel like he lost his way or he is going insane. How could a true Christian have no remorse when the holy spirit brings conviction when you sin?That’s a mystery. And to the non believers, they may ne a Christian but could have the same kind of weaknesses as anyone els, but it’s the believers choice if they want to be strong. That’s why Tim is in prison and recieving the people’s anger, that’s God’s punishment to him, God granted him mercy of 9 years it’ll be worse for him if he doesn’t change. But me personally it makes me angry when other Christians make God look bad because they chose their weaknesses over him, But whatever i hope he change his ways

          • sean

            wow completely brainwashed by BULLSHIT !!!

          • Dxe

            brain has been washed, yes, but cmon sean get your attention elsewhere, or message mike, I think hes serious about that little chat. <3 with love from christian brain-washed duder.

          • sean


          • sean

            shocking response !!

          • joey B

            Funny, Mike responds with kindness and he’s the douche…. The bible says if they don’t believe in Christ they go to Hell. But we’ll find out whos faith is truth when we all die.

          • sean

            It came off sounding that way-i meant to say all the christian douche ive asked !!

    • Tea0149

      While you pray to “God” for mercy on the guy, remember that God is entirely responsible for his actions. Remember, “In all things, give thanks”. You thank God for everything, including the tornadoes, earthquakes and other such natural disasters that kill millions of people. As well as the diseases and viruses that decimate your people by the millions. Cancer, AIDS, Leprosy, it’s all God’s doing and he does not deny it so why would you? Yes, pray to God for mercy on that man’s soul will definately amount to something because God’s the one that made him do it anyway.

      Also, remember that God is the one that sends you to Hell, not Satan. When you die, you are judged at the gates of Saint Peter. If you have sinned (which absolutely every human on Earth has), God plunges you into the depths of Hell to burn for your sins. By sins, he means disobeying his orders like a tyrannical, abusive father. You know, that actually does sound like exactly the kind of person men were back in those days. Strange, isn’t it?

    • Patrick

      Faith is a mere distraction from the true meaning in life

    • Quack

      Tim’s only hope? BWHAHAHAHJA he’s gonna get fucked in the ass repeatedly and probably end up hanging himself. You’re right. His only hope probably is a shitty ghost story WHICH HE APPARENTLY NEVER TOOK TO HEART IN THE FIRST PLACE.

      So hilarious that you’d think the bible is his salvation when the fucking guy obviously didn’t internalize any of it in the first place. What, is “Thou Shalt Not Kill” just NOT apply to shitty singers?

      Fucking LOL

  • sean

    wow try and hire a cop to kill youre wife 6 years !!!! obama and holder-all marijuana related offenders should be released immediately !!!

  • Brenna Noonan

    Way to spoil Total Recall…

  • Jayda Webb-Jones

    no matter what or how you believe..its a damn shame, and such a waste of talent!

    • Gayla Brooks

      its not a “damn shame” that a man who tried to have his wife killed is in prison… talented or not, people who show that they *could* do something like that need help, and probably need to be separated from the people who DONT try to get people killed… bothers me that just because he’s in a decent band all of a sudden “it’s a shame” and lets all just blame his wife

      • Nota Pseudonym

        I don’t think you understand what she was trying to say… It’s a damn shame because someone with a lot of talent, was stupid enough to do this. No one’s blaming the wife as far as I can tell.

        • Gayla Brooks

          I was just talking about how the article kinda leans in the direction of justifying his actions by talking about how hard his wife made it for him to see his kids… Nobody blatantly blames his wife obviously, but there’s probably a reason she was granted almost full custody in the first place.

  • Poop

    What a piece of shit. As i lay dying was okay at best, but this has to be embarrassing for all the other former members too, they’ll be known only by association with this ass clown. Hopefully Tim gets what’s coming to him and his former bandmates can find success without this following them around. I don’t know the whole story with meggan, who knows, she could have been doing shit to him behind his back but goddamn, call a marriage counselor or something.

  • as I lay dying fan for life

    I will never hate on him for what he did it was his choice he failed now he has to live with it.
    I will always love their music and continue to rock out to it all you fucking assholes can eat a pimple coveted dick. As I lay dying is great band most you mfers prob dont eben listen to them …

    • Apex

      he’s still a low person for trying to have his wife murdered . sorry , good band or not . . . that’s beyond low . dude should rot in that cell .

      complete waste of talent , like yourself i was a bit of a fan of the band as well .

  • V S

    She is suing for 2 million on top of his prison sentence, doesn’t sound like she is all that afraid.