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Ask Mistress Juliya: 08/10/11

Ask Mistress Juliya: 08/10/11

Mistress Juliya is best known for her work on Fuse TV hosting such metal-themed shows as Uranium, Metal Asylum, Let It Rock, and Slave to the Metal. She has also made appearances at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and Rock on the Range. She currently co-hosts the Top Twenty Countdown on Fuse premiering at 5 P.M. every Tuesday. Email your advice questions for her to and check back every Wednesday for her latest column.

Dear Juliya, I’m currently 17. There’s this girl that I wound up with, and we started seeing each other more frequently during this summer. However, it was also something that was kept under our hats to some other people, such as our parents. To them, we were only friends. We began to get closer to each other, and she said she’s falling for me and I think I feel the same way. One day her dad found out about me from reading in her journal and made it clear that I’m not allowed back there again, and now there’s no way for us to see each other anymore and it broke both of our hearts. We are still going through this and I have no clue what to do.

Lennon, I feel for you. This is always a complicated situation. If I was the girl, I'd try to explain to my parents how I felt and that this was a normal age for people to be dating. And they should feel better about it since it started with a friendship. Of course, parents can be very not understanding. In which case, if your girl is 17, too, and you guys really care for each other, you will find ways to see each other until she reaches 18 when her parents can't really tell her what to do. If she is much younger, you're going to have to move on, dude!

Hi Juliya, me and my boyfriend dated at least two times off and on, and I really actually loved him, but he went and broke it off and I still can’t get over it. Every night I cry. What could I do? My friends keep telling, “Oh, you’ll get over him in a couple of days,” but I don’t. I just want him back. Really bad.

Hi Lina, did you ask him why he broke it off? If it is something you guys can work on? If he doesn't want or have an answer to that, perhaps his feelings for you are not like the ones you have for him. In which case, you must realize that it is not the kind of relationship you belong in anyway. Love is tough and there are many disappointments, but the truth is you will get over it--once you realize that being with someone that doesn't feel the same is not real love.

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