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Ask Mistress Juliya: 09/14/2011

Ask Mistress Juliya: 09/14/2011

Mistress Juliya is best known for her work on Fuse TV hosting such metal-themed shows as Uranium, Metal Asylum, Let It Rock, and Slave to the Metal. She has also made appearances at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and Rock on the Range. She currently co-hosts the Top Twenty Countdown on Fuse premiering at 5 P.M. every Tuesday. Email your advice questions for her to and check back every Wednesday for her latest column.

Juliya, if you could play in any of the Big Four bands, regardless of if you can actually play any of the instruments, which band would you play in, what instrument, and why?? (P.S.: You would be the most gorgeous metal musician ever!)

Dear Rob, this is a complicated question--and one that will get many people all pissed off and arguing with me. But here is what I will tell you: They are the Big Four for a reason. Because all four bands have created a unique sound that has changed the face of metal music. So while I can't pick just one, I will tell you what my preferred role would be in each band.

Slayer: I would definitely do the guitar. It is so chaotic, insane and brutal. And has riffs that are instantly recognizable.  Once you hear them, blood just starts boiling!

Megadeth: Vocals. I love Dave’s vocals, because he always sounds so friggin' bitter. It sounds like he spits those words out with pure hatred!

Metallica: Here I'm torn between vocals and I'd do vocals and the lead guitar. James has a very recognizable, iconic voice, and Kirk's lead-guitar work are pure classic metal. Forever and always. Undisputed.

Anthrax: Bass. It's fun and funky and just has a great tone. Plus, bass guitarists are sexy. Something about the fingers...

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