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Ask Mistress Juliya: 10/26/2011

Ask Mistress Juliya: 10/26/2011

Mistress Juliya is best known for her work on Fuse TV hosting such metal-themed shows as Uranium, Metal Asylum, Let It Rock, and Slave to the Metal. She has also made appearances at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and Rock on the Range. She currently co-hosts the Top Twenty Countdown on Fuse premiering at 5 P.M. every Tuesday. Email your advice questions for her to and check back every Wednesday for her latest column.

I am a huge rock-and-roll fan! People always call me and ask who sings this song or whatever, and I always get asked what is the difference between hard rock and heavy metal? How would you answer that question?

Dear Jameson,
First of, your name alone is very rock and roll! To answer your question: Rock and Roll has its roots in blues and jazz. It has vocals that entail singing, for the most part, even though the vocals are often raspy and involve some screaming. There is a lot of groove...and you can dance to it. While I'm not sure exactly where metal started--some will argue it was with Black Sabbath with their spooky heavy riffs and bass tones, others will argue it started with the Beatles version of "Helter Skelter." Regardless, it's much heavier, faster, with vocals that are raw, loud, and mostly screaming. The guitars definitely have a thicker sound with solos that are much faster, and the drums are much faster, especially with the double bass. Also, it often has a lot of distortion--the distortion is strong as the overdrive is sustained longer creating a deeper, heavier sound. To me, rock and roll is groovy and Funky, while Metal is brutal, raw, and abrasive. But again--this is my perception.

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