Asking Alexandria Cover Suicide Silence as Tribute to the Band’s Late Vocalist Mitch Lucker

Asking Alexandria (pictured left) paid tribute to late Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker by covering the Suicide Silence song “You Only Live Once,” which is from Suicide Silence’s last album, The Black Crown.

The cover was performed at the Edmonton, Alberta, date of the Revolver-sponsored Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The fan-footage video is below.

Mitch Lucker died November 1 due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Revolver reported on his death here and followed up with videos of news reports about the tragedy here.

I See Stars have stepped in to take Suicide Silence’s spot on the tour.


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  • Cesar Larios-Orellana

    This is fucking awesome!

  • Cody Beisel

    They definately covered it last night here in Calgary

  • Michael

    So that’s a fuckin fake. If you hear the album version and music video version they really just played that back. It’s called lip syncing and there is no possibility that this guy can sound like Mitch everyone’s voice is different. You could even hear the backing vocals Mitch does. This isn’t real any musician would know this. And even on covers bands still talk to the crowd telling them to get the fuck up, jump, SOMETHING but this band made it completely clear to me that it was fake. I admire that they acted this out for Mitch but I your going to try to cover it.. You should actually learn it and do it your fucking self. Don’t steal credit from an amazing man. It had no “live sound” to it and we all know what live sound sounds like. I’ve seen these guys before and they get tired and have to take breaths throughout a song. Any vocalist does. There were no short notes it was all.. A little too good.. Don’t try to be better than the band you are covering. It WILL make you look like an asshole..

  • Arron

    This sounds like the normal version? Like…EXACTLY mitch’s voice…the dude from AA even said a long time ago he cant do gutterals like mitch….

  • GPH

    AA left the stage and played the song over the speakers as a tribute to SS.

  • Blade

    Oooh nooo they didn’t actually cover it :'( boo hoo… They played the song through the actual CD. It’s impossible for anyone to compare to Mitch’s vocals, so they obviously couldn’t do a well enough cover for it… Get over it.@95a9743eb8ea5ca4180c7e659ef815bd:disqus

  • lilaznvampire

    To be honest, i’m glad they didn’t try to cover the song when they were in Edmonton. Playing through the CD itself, plus REALLY LOUD AND INTENSE speakers was good enough. Danny would’ve KILLED the song BIG TIME if he tried, in my opinion anyways. Don’t get me wrong i love danny as well, but NO ONE can do the song better other than Mitch Lucker. R.I.P<3