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Austin Dickinson of Rise to Remain Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Austin Dickinson of Rise to Remain Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Leading up to the end of the year, Revolver has asked some of our favorite artists to pick their Top Albums of 2012 and tell us why each record rules. Here, Austin Dickinson (pictured left), vocalist of the metalcore band Rise to Remain and son of Iron Maiden singer Bruce, selects his faves.





5. Lamb Of God, Resolution
"This has been a pretty monolithic year for Lamb Of God, not to mention a whirlwind of mixed feelings for themselves, their fans, and all those who work with them. I'm a massive fan of bands really nurturing their own sound and progression, and this battering ram of an album takes their previous album, Wrath, amongst others, and completely turns it up a couple notches. The riffs, the lyrics, the aggression, and the water-tight, groovy drumming completes this title into what I feel is their best effort to date. Go, Lamb of fucking God."












4. While She Sleeps, This Is The Six
"This is an example of a group who truly 'pull it off.' This album rules: It's heavy, it's diverse, but it’s also very truly in its element. They don't suddenly dim the lights and start singing about how much they love someone. It's high octane, no holds barred, blazing anger straight from a band that knows its heart as well as its way around their respective instruments. Watch out for these boys: They can drink and they can fucking play."












3. The Safety Fire, Grind The Ocean
"Rise to Remain would not be the band we are today without The Safety Fire. That is a fact. Rise to Remain very much grew up around this band, and they have helped us, amongst others, out massively. But somehow, we managed to put out City Of Vultures before they put out this stunning debut, and I think they did one on us. They knew the whole time that this album was going to blow everything else out of the water. So they let us walk in to a trap so that they could totally blow us up with their mustaches and their funny tunings. Fuck The Safety Fire. And buy this goddamn fucking incredible album."












2. Young Guns, Bones
"I love Young Guns, I have loved Young Guns, and I have a great feeling that I will continue to love Young Guns. One of the major things that I dig about this album is the ambition behind it. Every single song is bursting with some sort of idea, whether it’s having an archetypal ballad or a diverse monument of hard-rock glory. There is so much to offer on this sophomore effort from Young Guns, and I'm stoked to call them, not only my friends, but world-beating contenders--from High Wycombe."












1. Deftones, Koi No Yokan
"I love this record for a world of reasons and the strongest one is probably that, for the first time, this is the Deftones truly acknowledging themselves as a band that has been imprinted on the face of alternative metal for years. It’s got hints of every single album they done so far, and it still pushes the envelope in ways we haven't heard them do yet. For a band to accomplish something with such ease and flow is astounding, especially when it's following a record as captivating as Diamond Eyes was. Awesome record, awesome band."

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