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Author Mark Workman Lists Top Five Reasons He Wrote His Book, One for the Road: How to be a Music Tour Manager

Author Mark Workman Lists Top Five Reasons He Wrote His Book, <em>One for the Road: How to be a Music Tour Manager</em>

Drawing from 30 years of worldwide touring experience with such bands as Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Machine Head, Mudvayne, Danzig, and Dio, Mark Workman has written a 354-page book that not only shows the novice tour manager how to do the job correctly, but also provides a witty and entertaining read for anyone who just wants to know how a music tour is run. One for the Road: How to be a Music Tour Manager also includes a foreword written by Testament lead guitarist Alex Skolnick. With all of the success in Workman's background, Revolver asked why he wrote the book to begin with--and here are his Top Five Reasons for doing so.




5. To make money. "I love money. Money is good. We all need to make it."

4. For the music fans who simply want to know more about how a music tour is run. "I wanted to write an interesting book for them that contained some behind the scenes true stories that were told in an entertaining way."

3. For new tour managers already out there on the road trying to learn how to do the job with no real training, flying by the seat of their pants, and praying for success. "I spent the first few years of my career back in the '80s trying to fool everyone into believing that I knew what I was doing while I struggled to learn how to really do the job without being discovered and fired."

2. For up-and-coming bands around the world, signed and unsigned, who cannot yet afford a tour manager and need to learn how to do the job themselves and take care of their own business at local shows and on tour. "I’ve seen so many new baby bands show up on tours that I was doing who knew nothing--but it’s always great to see the few that actually know something about how a tour is run and act like professionals. They get a lot more help and respect from the headliner a lot quicker this way."

1. Inspire all of the people around the world who have the same dream that I had thirty years ago. "In 1979, at the age of 19, I left the hills of West Virginia on a Trailways bus with $150.00 to my name and went 2,400 miles to Los Angeles, where I didn’t know a soul, to find a way into the music business. It took me three years until I met Ron Keel and his band, Steeler, but I finally made it happen. A career was born. I truly believe that anyone can make their dream happen as long as they never stop believing in themselves."

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