Avenged Sevenfold Axman Zacky Vengeance Gets New Custom Guitar

Schecter Guitars shed light today on the new custom guitar Avenged Sevenfold axman Zacky Vengeance has been playing on his band’s current Buried Alive Tour. It turns out it’s just like his 6661 signature model guitar, but with a graphic based on the poster for the ’80s cult zombie flick, The Return of the Living Dead. In their statement, Schecter said, “Please note that this a one-off, and is NOT for sale, nor ever will be for sale. (Sorry…we respect copyrights here.)” Let us know what you think of the guitar in the comment section.


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  • Rickstotter

    Bad Fucking Ass!!!

  • Mlandolfa

    He didn’t use it Fort Myers as far as I know. I took tons of photos and didn’t capture Zacky using this guitar.

  • ccook1525

    If its not for sale what the hell is the point???

  • Subbie69

    I love it and think it is the best

  • StalionduckfoREVer

    Zacky v always makes awsome guitars better than syn’s in my opinion

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sweet guitar.

  • Cadie_daniels15

    awsome all i can say

  • DancingDead300

    love it. really love it. beautiful, Zacky.

  • Abteen

    it is not that great

  • ‘ giuliagates


  • LivVengeance

    That is sweet!

  • Winkle11

    the only that sucks is ITS NOT 4 SALE WHAT THE HELL Schecter

  • Mallorysippell

    Only zacky vengeance could pull this off. 😀

  • jlar

    Love it the best one of all and fuck,why is it not on sale!!

  • AnnieCrump

    awesome !! :]

  • Mike5251993

    i wish they would sell it, cuz i want it