Avenged Sevenfold Premiere New Album, Hail to the King

Avenged Sevenfold will release their highly anticipated new album, Hail to the King, August 27. In anticipation, the band is streaming the record in its entirety on iTunes right now. Click here to check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. The band appears on the cover of the current issue of Revolver, on newsstands now.


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  • Alex

    this album es epic !!

  • patched82

    Epic! A bit softer than albums in the past but it seems to have a bit more depth to it. Something about it is addictive and makes you want to listen to it over and over again.

  • Avenged.Skelli

    Awesome as always.

  • clusterDuck

    So far this is pretty “meh” to me. The title track is completely generic.

    “This means war” starts out ripping of Metallica’s “Sad but true” in an embarrassing fashion.

    Did this band run that short on creative ideas?

    • Amphel

      ripping of… you troll 😛 Maybe a riff or two is alike, but this means war is so much better then sad but true (it’s not sad but true)… but hey, metal have been around for 50 years, who comes up with new riffs nowadays anyway? You’re embarrissing yourself with the lack of knowledge calling this album short of creativity.

      • D

        Naw i agree with pretty much everything he said.I immediately thought of sad but true when i heard the first verse. I just listened to the whole album and they definitely skipped out on the creativity and originality that’s made me listen to them for the past 10 years. Super generic metal, maybe crimson day as an exception.

        • Amphel

          it’s not “embarrissng” to be inspired by other bands, that’s what a7x is built upon (get some info). Still lack of knowledge here. “Hail to the king(s)”. Some people seem to not understand what the album are trying to tell here. It’s VERRY creative compared to what metallica have put in stores the last 15 years.

          • sports23fan22

            Wait, Metallica has put new music in stores in the last 15 years?

          • Zing

            Death Magnetic, St. Anger.

          • Chris

            You say that but some of the tracks are direct rips from Metallica’s newer music. Like it or not, Metallica is still new, just not what people like. This shit A7X put out is un creative and just pathetic.

          • Amphel

            Chris… what an ass. You have to back up that comment with some legit INFO. What song in this album can be compared to the newer songs of metallica? You cant possible be serious… Damn trolls…. King of metal of the 21st century = LIKE IT OR NOT Tadah: Avenged Sevenfold!!

          • Strondbokken

            You’re kidding right? This album is a freakin’ JOKE and a blatant rip off due to the fact that their main songwriter isn’t around anymore. So what do they do? Take the EXACT same riffs from hit songs and change the key a couple octaves?! That’s not creativity, that’s laziness and a lack of real talent. Saying A7X are the “kings of metal” shows just how out of touch you really are with what real metal is. So please, continue buying their albums and pretending that they have some shred of real talent. They’re gonna need some sheep to keep themselves selling records anyway. Expect a new wool coat in the mail from them soon…. But don’t you DARE say that these songs aren’t BLATANT rip offs because they are and we all know it. Sad but true.

          • Amphel

            LOL! idiot, – Jimmy made all the riffs for a7x… I’m out of words 😛

      • Lucas Pinto Dos Reis

        Metal always has new riffs, new tunings, new techniques, new effects… SEVERAL bands doing new stuff, just look for it.

        Saying people don’t come with up with new riffs is the number one excuse for assholes who don’t know jackshit about music. lol

  • EVH

    Great album! Exactly what they wanted to do. A throwback to 90’s (Metallica) and 80’s (Iron Maiden/Priest) metal. Coming Home is worth disc alone.

  • Dino Crnkic

    Am I listening to to the same album as the rest of you? This album sucks! The lyrics lack content and creativity of the Avenged Sevenfold album. The drums…well…I wont even talk about them out of respect for The Rev. The guitar playing is sub par when compared to City of Evil. Its as if they went..”well, we have no creative, original ideas, lets just listen to Iron Maiden and Metallica and throw something together”. I honestly wanted to hear something challenging and daring like their Avenged Sevenfold album was. Are they gonna join HELLYEAH next???

    • Adamack

      SPOT ON! Why doesn’t anyone else hear this? Some of the riffs and vocal melodies were almost exact rips from Metallica. Even putting that aside, the progressive aspect that made A7X who they are is missing from this album. It is incredibly cliche and predictable. The album simply bores me. It completely pales in comparison to any of their other albums, and it is receiving amazing reviews everywhere. I don’t get it. At least one person agrees with me.

      • Deftonesrsweet

        Absolutey… agree with you both as well. I listened to the album while fighting to stay awake. A complete bore compared to all the rest.

        The drums left me wishing Portnoy was still around to at least give an amazing replacement to the REV. Portnoy was the man & gave Sevenfold an edge live. This new punk sucks live and on this new album. What a letdown.

        And I completely kept thinking at times, “This sounds like boring Metallica songs that did not make their album” haha.

        • Adamack

          Haha, most definitely! I agree with what you said about Portnoy as well. The drums on this album are complete trash. They sound like someone came in and just laid down the bare minimum – no flavor to them at all.

          Who are the people responsible for all of these “professional” reviews in almost every magazine and website?? One guy even had the nerve to say that this was their most substance-filled album to date. I personally think that the music is boring and the lyrics are cliche and cheesy. Things like “sailing the seas” and “fighting demons”…by now could they not come up with some better metaphors to explain going through challenging times?

          This negative review hurts to say, too. This is probably my second favorite band of the last 5 years or so (right under DT and maybe PT) and I was looking forward to another gem of an album I could listen to for the next 2-3 years before their next release.

          That said, I’ve been trying and will continue to try to like even just half of the songs of the disc if in any way possible. Not looking food so far though.

          And hey…I am extremely confident that Dream Theater won’t disappoint…as far as I’m concerned they never have! SEPT 24!!!

          • Dino Crnkic

            Glad you guys agree. I remember putting in the A7X self titled album in on a 7 hour long drive, and for whatever reason going to Brompton Cocktail. I think I probably plaid that song about 15 times..A- Due to the great lyrics in the song. B- The percussion was amazing. It was just a well put together song.

    • RtP

      THANK YOU!! It is blowing my MIND how many professional reviews are fellating this album. I just do NOT get it. How can they be listening to the same album?? It’s like they wrote the review based on what the band said they were trying to do and not what they actually did.

      I’ve browed several reviews, and they all praise the album’s heaviness, the “memorable” guitar parts, the creativity of the solos, the grit..WHAT?! This is the most derivative, boring snoozefest I’ve heard in a long time, and it’s really disappointing. These guys are capable of so much more.

      Anyway, rant over. I’m just awestruck at how all of these reviews are just utterly divorced from reality and are the exact opposite of what I am hearing.

      • sports23fan22

        Remember, these reviews are made mostly by people who are fans of Maiden, Sabbath, and Metallica and like that style more. Personally, I like the ‘real’ A7X more but this album was still pretty good.

  • colechaos

    It’s going to be different! Their drummer/song writer for almost all their songs passed away! Yet you don’t want to speak ill of Rev? Gtfo! This album is amazing and courageous! Plus, it’s what Rev would have wanted! They pushed on instead of giving up! In hind sight, Hail to the King is a baby for A7X, where it’s there sixth album, it’s their first without Rev.

    • Dino Crnkic

      Its not that its different that I have an issue with. Many artists have taken their music and done something completely different from the previous. All artists do it at some point. The issue I have is that its just very very simple and not at all daring, or original. At the end of the day it may be just my own expectations for the band based on their previous work that make me very disappointed.

  • A sade A7X fan

    The rev is dead and thats sad, now they have killed A7X. Sad, (sade but true)

  • MikeyG422

    I really wanted to like this album, but became a little worried after hearing the first single and hearing what Shadows said about the album. I don’t know how this is comparable at all to Zep. The song writing just seems hackneyed and lazy in my opinion. The album really doesn’t have much energy, the killer progressive riffs featured on COE and the S/T album are nowhere to be found. The drumming really isn’t spectacular either. What I really loved about A7X was that they had incredible song writing ability combined with Gates’ killer lead guitar prog riffing. I really didn’t hear any of that on this album. Quite honestly, I was expecting A7X to decline after ‘Nightmare’ because there only about 5 good songs on that album. I just think that losing The Rev took away a lot of their love and energy for making music. But I guess we should feel lucky to have three killer albums (Waking the Fallen, City of Evil, and Avenged Sevenfold) in this age of uninspired metal. We miss you Rev, hope you are in a better place.

    • MikeyG422

      My comments might be a bit harsh and I do like the new album a decent bit, I just don’t love it. I expect much stronger song writing from A7X and much more energy. Listen to ‘Seize the Day’ and “Warmness on the Soul’ and you’ll see how they capable of writing very catchy songs but still keep their metal sound. Haven’t heard anything that memorable since the S/T album.

    • Sstrangerx

      I agree on you, they should have stoped after nightmare, but… “age of uninspired metal??” WTF man, A7x is not even considered to be really metal… and even though i like some of their work, comparted to other metal bands their work is the one thats uninspired… just sayin’….

      • MikeyG422

        I have a feeling that some people don’t consider A7X “metal” because most of their fans don’t look like stereotypical headbangers. But seriously, who out there in the modern metal scene is really that good nowadays? There are no Dimebag Darrells, Randy Rhoads or anything even close now. Metal now is basically just a bunch of death-core bands like Suicide Silence and Born of Osiris who’s members were listening to Fallout Boy a few years ago. I’d say Meshuggah are pretty good and Zakk Wylde is about the closest thing you have to an iconic guitar player. I hope all the breakdown metal bands die off soon because I can’t listen to that crap all the time. Some of it is okay, but almost every single band sounds the same now.

        • Anthonyp452

          Well Alexi Lahio is definitely on the level of those guys and arguably one of the best ever, and Children of Bodom is still going strong as an amazing band. As far as American metal, there’s really only Lamb of God and a couple others, but there are some great bands coming out of Europe.

  • cmvideo

    Finally, some commentors that know WTF they are talking about! Every other website is drolling all over this album. Or if they don’t like it, they don’t like it for all the wrong reasons… it’s like the reviewers have never listened to A7X before. This album is in every way A7X’s Black album. They simplified their sound (particularly the drumming) to make the music more accessible. It will absolutely make them more popular than ever but they will also alienate a lot of their old school fans with such a dramatic change. The very first thing I thought of when listening to this CD was ‘this is their Black album’.
    I actually like the CD a lot. It’s very different from their old stuff… there’s not one over arpeggiated chorus to be found on this CD. All of their weird progressive moment are gone. But I was never a big A7X fan so I don’t necessarily miss their old sound. But I WAS an old school Metallica fan and when the Black album came out, I was like WTF happened to them?? And I can totally see a lot of A7X fans feeling the same way.

  • joeyferg

    As much as I’m not a huge fan of it, I always have to give props to bands who can change and evolve their sound from record to record. It’s not easy to do..

    Slayer and AC/DC for instance…

  • hazel

    Requiem is my favorite song on this album. It just kicks ass! Love this album. It reminds me a lot of Metallica.

  • Stu Olsen

    Love Requiem! one of my all time favs by these guys, moving Second Heartbeat to #2 and The Wicked End to #3. Great job to Arin, couldnt be easy but you did a great job. Love the double bass kicks at the end of Coming Home. Kickass!

  • Gemini369

    I don’t see why people are dissing this album so hard. I’ve listened to A7X from the beginning and I think it’s awesome how they’ve evolved. Yes, I do miss their old stuff. City of evil will still be my favorite CD but society demands change. If a band continually put out the same old stuff every year they would get old fast. That’s why I can’t stand Metallica. No matter what song it is, all I have to do is hear the guitar and I automatically know it’s Metallica. It got old quick. But I don’t know about their “new” stuff so I can’t be sure if they’re still stuck in the past. A7X lost the Rev. A huge member of the band. Of course they’re going to change. But at least they’re still producing music. I think they’re awesome for that. There’s a lot of variety in Hail to the King and I won’t hate on them for getting “inspiration” from other bands. Everybody does that. Everybody is ripping off somebody else. Music has after all been around for a very long time. The sheer point of the fact that they used 18th century music to inspire this album is amazing in of itself. Not many bands would do that. I love Requirm the best. It’s an awesome song. So hate on them if you want. But they’re awesome wether you guys think so or not. That’s all I have to say.

  • Vaelryck

    I just wanted to let everyone know that what you’re comparing A7X to is Metallica… Let me repeat myself… Metallica. That by itself is giving Avenged Sevenfold huge credit.
    Secondly; The sound that they are producing while different is still catchy and they didn’t stray from their basis. They still talk about soldiers, death, war, etc. They have on almost every album.
    Yes, while some of these songs; like this means war kind of has a Metallica vibe about it, it’s still good.
    Syn and Zachy have both improved their guitar work and you can definitely hear the difference and for me I can feel the difference.
    I have been an Avenged Sevenfold fan since 1999. Since I was a kid.
    This album is in fact different but I like it.
    It still gives me that kickass feeling I’ve always had while listening to them and the fact that they chose to evolve will bring hate, but at the same time it will make them blow up. The Rev cannot be replaced and they aren’t trying to replace him, instead they are evolving the sound and taste of their band which is badass.

    I will end off by saying that the guitarist from Metallica would probably be thrashed by Syn.
    Kirk Hammett was taught by Joe Satriani and he destroyed what he learned from a master of guitar.
    Syn still has that doom feeling to his guitar. It’s ominous, foreboding, and evil sounding. That’s what I expect to hear from Syn.

    That’s all I have to say.

  • Charmingman93

    Synester Gates better than Hammett? No chance.