Avenged Sevenfold Share Teaser of New Song, “Hail to the King”

Avenged Sevenfold have posted a 30-second preview of the title track off their highly anticipated new album, Hail to the King, which will hit stores on August 27. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Joey Simpson

    me gustaaaa

  • ky

    Its like old school Metallica and Glam/Arena Rock had a baby. I dig it.

    • heavy metalist

      I wouldn’t say old school metallica. More black album metallica meets, as you said, arena rock style. Still sounds good. Can’t wait for the album!

  • http://mysocialgameplan.com/about Jonathan Payne

    Sounds like Jorn Lande with Iron Maiden melody “/ One day they might do something original.

    • Christian Giannantonio

      Is there anything original anymore? I mean come on, how many years has there been music, it’s impossible to come up with something that hasn’t already been done. At the same time, a7x are really the only band that DOES put out albums that differ from one another and that is why I am a fan..

      • http://mysocialgameplan.com/about Jonathan Payne

        Everyone is influenced by past music. However, it’s pretty easy to distinguish between bands that take five influences and rehash the same old shit vs bands that take 15-20 influences and bring something unique to the table.

        I say this as someone who actually enjoys a lot of A7X: you’re kidding yourself if you think A7X is anything more than a cheap imitation of Pantera, Metallica, and Maiden/Priest.

        A7X is not even remotely close to the only band that puts out albums that differ from each other. That’s just plain ridiculous and a clear sign of ignorance of music, especially metal. There is an incredible amount of variation throughout the metal genre and plenty of bands bringing music to the table that isn’t a blatant knockoff of their influences.

        • Real Metal

          i’ve never heard of a band that releases albums that sound different from their previous ones, im a fan of A7X and im not blind or deaf when it comes to listening to their songs i can honestly say that all of their albums sound different and that is something 90%of bands out there cant do… not including the gay emo shit getting released now a days, that aint music

          • http://mysocialgameplan.com/about Jonathan Payne

            On one hand, I disagree that A7X’s albums are significantly different. The song structures for the most part stay similar, the vocal melodies are often similar, there has consistently been exaggerated (as in made a focal point) guitar harmonization similar to Maiden and Priest, the guitar solo writing is often similar, the riffs are often mediocre imitations of Dimebag, etc. Even this small clip shares obvious similarities to past work by A7X.

            It’s not a bad thing. Bands have a sound that works and they typically hold on to that sound for that reason.

            On the other hand, you may not be deaf or blind (not sure what blindness has to do with listening to music, but whatevs), but you’re naive if you think it’s rare for bands to make albums that sound different.

          • Sniperking

            Becoming the archetype.. none of their 5 albums sound alike.

  • Joel Fisicaro

    Not too crazy about it, sadly :(

  • Christian Giannantonio

    Dig it alot!! Have always liked how they change there sound with every album but while continuously getting better! Super stoked!

  • Batdude

    It’s a 30sec intro to what is most likely a 6 minute song full of transitions, it’s going to be badass. Don’t fret people the title track is seldom the best.

    • Ryan Miller

      Title track Nightmare was best on last album. Explanation for that?

      • Batdude

        Yeah, go back and read my post and u will realize I said seldom, dumbass! Learn to comprehend what u read!

        • Ryan Miller

          I saw it princess.

          • Batdude

            Good I’m glad you can admit that you were wrong, now find your way to the One Direction chat board where you belong, Barbara!

      • Ryan’s hero

        Nightmare was no where near the best track on the last album, I’m sure everyone reading the comments appreciates your opinion though.

        • Ryan Miller

          Sure. Buried alive hands down the best. And nightmare easy 2nd

          • Nick Laurentius

            Danger line by far buried alive closely 2nd.

          • Ryan Miller

            Danger Line? That’s a decent song, but comes nowhere near comparing to Buried Alive

  • Rachel Yanes

    Just ready to hear more…..now please!

  • Aightball

    This just makes me twice as excited for the new album. Compare them to whom you like and say what you will; these guys know what they’re doing! They are always taking a fresh approach to their music while NOT directly copying their influences. Yes, they have a certain sound in this clip, but show me a band that doesn’t sometimes sound like another band. Seriously, people. Let’s just be happy for new music from one of the best bands in the world.

  • Avenged.Skelli

    Love it!!!

  • franki786

    pretty damn good. i’m getting this cd for sure!

  • Blackjack006

    It sounds like the metal that was so prevalent during the 80’s.It’s not horrible but it sounds dated.

  • Del Parrish

    Late 90s Maiden. First impression.

  • Kimberly Marie Gaynor

    am I the only one who notices matt has long hair??

  • Kimberly Marie Gaynor

    also, cant wait to hear the full album. I am and always will be a fan. Have been for going on 11 years

  • Rachel Yanes

    Every band is influenced by other bands….I’m just glad they have chosen the best of the best. I noticed his long hair from the other teaser videos. Looks good