Baroness Involved in “Serious” Bus Crash in England

BBC is reporting that Savannah, Georgia’s Baroness have been involved in a serious bus crash, which saw their tour bus fall 30ft from a viaduct. The band were travelling between gigs in Bristol and Southampton.

The crash, which took place around 11:30 BST, apparently left two of the nine individuals on board trapped, including the driver, although they have now been freed by firefighters.

“It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Baroness were involved in a very serious road accident earlier today and will not be able to perform at Talking Heads tonight,” read an official statement from the band’s tour promoter. “Our thoughts are with the band at this time and we wish them and their crew a speedy recovery.”

Everyone on board has reportedly been receiving medical treatment at area hospitals, with two reported as being in “serious condition.” We’ll continue to update this post with any status updates.

Police are now investigating the cause of the crash, which was likely due to heavy rain and low visibility.


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  • Dale Sutherland

    That is scary stuff! The bus fell 30ft. So I’m sure their banged up pretty bad.

  • Vanessa Bond

    God-that must have been terrifying. I hope everyone will be alright.

  • Jeremy Bosetski

    Hoping for a speedy recovery and that everyone pulls through alright. Prayers with members