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Bec Hollcraft of Stars in Stereo’s Lists the Top Five Most Influential Females in Music Today

Bec Hollcraft of Stars in Stereo’s Lists the Top Five Most Influential Females in Music Today

"There are many female musicians who made me want to start playing music when I was a kid," says Stars in Stereo vocalist Bec Hollcraft. "But there are also those who I’ve encountered in the past few years that inspire me to continue to play music today." So for Revolver, Hollcraft listed her Top Five Most Influential Females in Music Today.

Stars in Stereo released their self-titled record last year.

1. Lzzy Hale, Halestorm "Our band has had the incredible honor to share the stage with Halestorm on a couple tours. When you hear this girl sing, it will stop you in your tracks. Her power and control with her voice is shocking. I remember, on one of the tours, she told me she was sick and there is no way you could ever notice when she got on that stage. For me, that’s how you know someone is a professional. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t feeling their best, they won’t let anyone else see that in their performance. Also, to see another female fronting a band as well as playing an instrument, and kicking ass at both, is inspiring for me."

2. Kristen May, Flyleaf "This is another band we have had the honor of touring with. This girl can sing absolutely anything. It never sounds like she is struggling to reach a note and her runs that she can do are amazing. She also pretty much never stops moving onstage for over an hour but her voice never falters. That is no easy task!"

3. Agnete Kjølsrud, Djerv "I first heard her voice on the song 'Gateways' by Dimmu Borgir and I had to hear more. She sounds like an evil witch when she sings, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible. I’m obsessed. I’ve never heard a voice like this. It’s really beautiful while at the same time sounding completely evil. Still trying to wrap my head around it."

4. Nao Kawakita, Maximum the Hormone "This is one of my favorite bands. They somehow make so many different musical genres work into one song. My favorite part about this band is Nao, the drummer. She sings like an angel while at the same time drumming like a devil. So cheesy, but true. I love when a person’s sense of humor can come off on their musicianship, and she always shows that with her performance. She’s an incredible musician and if I ever hear someone say that females can’t drum, I’ll show them Nao and they will shut the hell up."

5. Kimberly Freeman, One-Eyed Doll "It is very difficult to pull off a two-person band. One-Eyed Doll do that and more. Kimberly Freeman has so much personality and is a very engaging performer. She also plays the guitar as if it’s a part of her body. I love the quirkiness of the music and she keeps me entertained!"

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