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Bella Rose Premiere New Music Video, "A New Era"

Bella Rose Premiere New Music Video,

Texan hard-rock band Bella Rose are currently hard at work with producer Joey Sturgis. They've teamed with Revolver to premiere the music video for one of the products of their labor: the song "A New Era." Check out the clip below and let us know what you think in the comments.

If you dig the song, the single is available for free download right now at

"If arson wasn't a serious offense, we had every intention to burn that house down that we shot the video in," vocalist Zachary Scott Rutter comments. "We just couldn't get the permits in time to do so. The whole meaning behind our new single 'A New Era' is to make a statement about our band and who we are. We're a bunch of restless Texas boys that embrace our faults and don't mind pissing a few people off."

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