Biohazard’s ‘Reborn in Defiance’ Free Download Will Not Be Released Today

Biohazard have released the following statement explaining why Reborn in Defiance will not be given away as a free download today, as they had previously announced.

“We regret to inform you all that due to circumstances beyond our control, we will not be able to offer our new record Reborn in Defiance in the US at this time.  We love all of you who have continued to support us through the years and can’t wait to share with you a record that we are extremely proud of. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience and a special thanks to our partners Revolver, Repudo and Google for their hard work setting this up. All of our touring plans are still solidified and we are excited to see you all out on the road!”

Reborn in Defiance is still available for purchase in the rest of the world outside North America via Nuclear Blast starting today.


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  • Jeremy

    Well that  really sucks!!

  • Pete


  • Batman

    is it on the pirate bay yet?

  • Earthsblood

    It came out in Europe today anyways.

  • Clepri2000

    Does this band ever do anything right?! Biohazard = the boy who cried wolf

  • Nick

    Fucking bullshit, I’m fuckin’ buying the album fuck this!

  • Heberling3

    WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THIS? I’ve been a fan of this band since day freaking one and all I want is to get this cd. Why the fuck is it so hard for this band to release a record in the states?

  • Heberling3

    Also, BIOHAZARD should play CLEVELAND, its been a long time. Bring the cd’s while your at it.

  • paul from queens

    umm, dont automatically assume its the bands fault on a personal level….ide bet my paycheck its bullsh*t politics with the record companies or some other crap like that.   long live BIOHAZARDDDDD…nyhc . ill BUY the CD as well as D/L it 

  • biowarrior

    Total BS.  The album was complete and ready for release last summer!  Then “due to circumstances beyond our control” (read: record company BS) it was pushed back 6 months to Jan. 20th.  Now this.  Bio are cool dudes but need to get a new record company.   Please European friends, put the thing up on a torrent or free mp3 site. 

  • Carpoforo

    Not nice. Being a BH listener since the 90’s… disappointed

  • Kevin McCarthy

    Your loss, can be obtained elsewhere for free already!!!!

  • Inf_tongue369

    music is for you and me not the fucking industry!!! they’ve been fighting this shit since day one