Biters Premiere New Song, “Indigo”

Atlanta, Georgia rockers Biters will release a limited 500 pressing, colored 7″ vinyl featuring two new songs–“Indigo” and “Saturday Cat Fight.” In anticipation, the band is teaming up with Revolver to premiere “Indigo” right now. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The band will be on the road this fall, see tour dates below. For more on Biters, visit their Facebook.

Tour dates:
Sept 05 – LaFayette, GA @ Metlasia Fest
Sept 06 – Atlanta, GA @ Drive-Invasion Fest
Sept 16 – Baltimore MD @ Metro Gallery
Sept 17 – New York NY @ Bowery Electric
Sept 19 – Montreal QC @ Underworld
Sept 24 – Cleveland OH @ Now thats Class
Sept 27 – Indianapolis IN @ Melody Inn


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  • Devin

    Keep the washed up releases from Buckcherry and Nikki Sixx! This is what rock should be sounding like

  • Video Rahim

    This song is amazing. I can’t wait for the new vinyl release. Biters rule!

  • Anthony Rinaldo

    Biters!!! Lookin forward to the Drive-in Invasion show and grabbin a copy of this vinyl!

  • Johnny Duris

    Vinyl ordered. Might have to fly back to Indiana to catch the Melody show.

    Hope a SF and/or Oakland show is on the horizon. The Bay Area is skinny on good rock n’ roll.

  • Chris deadtowner

    Very impressed and not surprised. Well done boys

  • Piper

    The people are thirsty and the Biters quench our thirst in the best way with this dose of rock n roll. “Indigo” is pure genius. I can’t wait to check out Biters on tour !!!

  • PanamaCitySpringBreak85

    I love it, This is proof that Rock N’ Roll is alive and well, all hail the BITERS from the ATL. This should get mainstream radio airplay, and probably will. What a great “SUMMER” ROCK N’ ROLL JAM. It’s got that “Crank up the radio, with the top down” kinda’ feel!!! And that’s what it’s all about “music that you can feel” and we all know BITERS are the real deal !!!

    • Johnny Duris

      Fuckin’ a right!

  • NoClub

    Love it…BITERS can do no wrong!!!! Looking forward to the Metro Gallery show…save me a copy of the 7″

  • Anita Lynne

    Love it! Well done, lads!!!!!

  • Kelly Kristina Smith

    Once more the Birter dont disappoint.. : Indigo is true Rock N Roll greatness! Looking forward to the tour and the vinyl release!

    • Kelly Kristina Smith

      Biters rule. Sorry I Musta got too excited typing up there. Ha! No really its not the head cold I sporting.

  • Jennnnnnn

    def ordering that shit right now. so damn goooooooooooood :O

  • John

    Awesome band. Awesome guys.

  • Marshall

    Pure awesomeness. Love it.

  • punkrocker4u52

    WOW!!!Such a good track. Makes me wanna quit my job and spend summer finger banging girls by the beach, takin cool dips, and soaking up rays.ROCK N ROLL

  • Preacherga

    The greatest band on the planet!!
    Amazing new song!!!

  • Perry Richard Huskey


  • Margaret

    This is my new favorite song!! It made all my hair stand up on my arms , so much emotion with every word. !!! I just love the Biters!!!!

  • Rocknroll

    Best rock band EVER! One kick ass song after another!

  • Boomer17

    You’re all kidding right? Uh, a huh huh, this sounds like Nelson. Change it! Change it!

    • Bite me

      Looks like all their family and friends are accounted for.

  • kris

    Awesome! Great song!

  • Fluffy Von Beaver Hausen

    Hark!! A real modern day band playing their own instruments and singing their own lyrics? This just might catch on!!! Let’s pray for our sakes it does. LOVE IT!!

  • Beorn of Ga

    WOW ! what a band. They have a REAL sound & lyrics.

  • Cooky

    AWESOME! Loved the music, Biters nailed it! Well done!

  • Alexei Kosygin

    Really good … awaiting more tour dates!

  • RyanP

    Another great one. I became an instant fan in after seeing the Biters live at Star Bar earlier this year. Song sounds great here, but they’re better in person. They have GREAT energy and they are always up for the show – money well spent. Don’t miss an opportunity if one of the stops of the tour is within driving distance. Rock on!

  • Rocket Queen

    Wow ! Where have these guys been hiding. What a fresh sound of true vintage rock n’ roll

  • Ryan Corley

    Killer new song! Vinyl is on the way! Also looking forward to the atl dates..