Black Sabbath’s New Album, 13, to Be Released in June

In 2013, Black Sabbath will release their 13th studio album.

Fittingly, it will be called 13.

The band announced the album title over the weekend, adding that it would be released in June. An exact date is coming soon (June 13, perhaps?).

The new album, which is being produced by Rick Rubin, will be the first Black Sabbath album to feature original singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi and bassist Geezer Butler since 1978′s Never Say Die.

The official press release from the band also revealed that Rage Against the Machine’s Brad Wilk is filling in for founding Black Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, who was unable to reach a financial settlement with his bandmates this time around.

The band also announced some tour dates in New Zealand, Australia and Japan, which you can see below.

Black Sabbath 2013 Tour Dates (So Far):

4/20 — Auckland, New Zealand
4/22 — Auckland, New Zealand
4/25 — Brisbane, Australia
4/27 — Sydney, Australia
4/29 — Melbourne, Australia
5/1 — Melbourne, Australia
5/4 — Perth, Australia
5/12 — Tokyo, Japan


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  • Dale

    ][v][EGADET][-][ just named their last album “Thirteen” so I don’t understand why Black Sabbath would name it thirteen as well? I can understand if it was a band like Weezer or The Police etc,some other musical genre but Megadeth is metal also,I don’t know just my opinion.

    • Tom Hoge

      I agree….I’m a huge Sabbath fan and I hate this “13” name….just dumb

  • Tom McElhaney

    Not only is it a stupid name, but it is not their 13th album. It is their 19th. Even if you only count Ozzy albums, it is their 9th album. Where do they get 13?

  • Alexis Valladares

    Black Sabbath is and will be great ever and it doesn’t matter how they call their 13th album which is officially their 13th studio album counting of course Heaven and Hell -The Devil You Know,it will be accepted by me and millions of fans worlwide.After 35 years this is the biggest comeback reunion.

  • J B

    I hear they called it 13 because they had offered Bill Ward one-thirteenth of the band proceeds.

  • Joel Goodwin

    Bummed about Bill Ward! I totally understand him though! His contribution to the band cannot be understated and it sucks that he got the short end (or is that the LONG END-HAHAHAHA!) of the stick!

  • Rock and roll brad

    Glad that they wrote some new material. I hope that say or do something cool in regards to Ronnie James Dio.