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Black Shape of Nexus Premiere Cover of Hellhammer's "Triumph of Death"

Black Shape of Nexus Premiere Cover of Hellhammer's

German sludge/doom metal troupe Black Shape of Nexus will release their new album, 'Carrier,' on March 18 via Exile on Mainstream Records with Earpslit Distro carrying the record for the U.S. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their cover of Hellhammer's "Triumph of Death." Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Vocalist Malte Seidel said, “'Carrier' is the result of a band being in a constant state of deterioration. Doing a record is a very unpleasant and harmful process for us. Creating 'Negative Black' already was a nightmare, but with 'Carrier' the understanding of the term nightmare needs to be expanded. This is not being said to play the ‘tension and dissent create great art’ card. This album is not art. This album is not musicianship. This album is simply the album that we were able to do under the current circumstances while sometimes asking ourselves if a split-up would not be the better option.”

To get 'Carrier,' visit Earsplit Distro or iTunes. For more on Black Shape of Nexus, follow them on Facebook.

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