Black Veil Brides Create Anti-Bullying T-shirt

Black Veil Brides have created a lyric T-shirt in support of Anti-Bullying Awareness Month this October.

The band teamed up with The Bully Project and created a crowd-funding initiative, where all profits from the sale of the T-shirt will support the organization. The shirt (pictured below) has “If We Stand Together We Will Be Unbroken” written on it, a lyric taken from the band’s song “Unbroken” featured on the Avengers Assemble soundtrack.

Black Veil Brides are encouraging those that purchase this shirt to send them a picture of you wearing it to, so it can be compiled in a photo collage in support of anti-bullying. You can purchase the shirt here.


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  • Derpington

    Rather hypocritical especially after their Golden Gods appearance.

    • Joey Simpson

      I second that statement… he did insult man people in the crowd knowing they couldn’t fight back

  • one5150

    Ya, well what are you gonna do about it? Huh? I thought so,

  • Metalhead84

    Kind of dumb of them maybe? I mean I’m sure everybody remembers the Golden God Awards. They kinda went a little childish that night if memory serves me correctly. Grow up and act like men, might want to dress like men too and then maybe people can take them serious.

    • bvbarmyfamily

      i wouldnt be talking “metalhead”

  • Austin

    Could these guys become any more of a poser band? Their music is awful, and when my friend saw them live all they did was bitch about how nobody likes them and how popular they are. Wanna be metal band.

    • erik

      they’re not metal… they never said they were.

    • Hannah

      “When my friend saw them live” is the key phrase here, I think. I’m guessing you’ve never actually seen them live for yourself?

  • 3Sixes

    The crazy thing is that one of the best ways to avoid being bullied is by NOT wearing a Black Veil Brides t-shirt

    • bvbarmyfamily

      bitch that is bullying saying that hope you know. also hope ya know theyve helped millions of people from suicide

  • Jhoselyn D Castro

    Solo puedo decir que están dando lo mejor de ellos, y que sigan así porque quieran o no, no se le puede agradar a todo el mundo.

  • Pavol Magic

    I’d bully the shit out of this band.

    • bvbarmyfamily

      thats okay id beat the shit out of you

  • Chris Mitchell

    These guys could cure cancer and people would still hate them. If you don’t like their music then don’t listen to them. Simple as that

  • Katrina Deneron

    black veil brides, help people out, not like the ones who are to afriad of judgement
    black veil brides, tells you that you got to stand up with the others just like you,
    your never alone, not like the bullies who make it bad for others by calling them names and junk, black veil brides are awesome and i love there band

  • Kitty

    For all of you ppl who are just putting hate for the comments, get a life honestly! I mean tbh, why do you want to put your input if you really don’t care :/ BVB is great and they really helped me. So plz just no more hating and bullying

  • ashlynn

    Wow some pathetic people out here who doesnt give two shits about anything or respect anybody. If u dont like bvb, well thats u. Dont be hating just because they try to help people ohy. All you people needs to get a life honestly. They have helped a lot of people from suicide. Not like you’d care. And personally, bvb would probably give a two shits less if u talked shit about them. They know they have a lot of people out there who love them and couldnt care what all the haters think. At least they try helping people out, douche bags.