Black Veil Brides Premiere Lyric Video for Previously Unreleased Track “Revelation”

Los Angeles-based hard rockers Black Veil Brides are releasing a new lyric video for their previously unreleased track “Revelation.” The song comes from their upcoming release, Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones (Ultimate Edition) that is being releassed via Lava/Republic Reconds on June 11. The lyric video for “Revelation” can be seen below.

Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild Ones (Ultimate Edition) features three previously unreleased tracks, as well as a DVD of the band’s long-awaited Legion of the Black movie that was screened prior to last year’s release. There will also be an Ultimate Black Box Edition that will feature all of the contents of the Ultimate Edition including the CD with alternate artwork plus three new songs, Legion of the Black DVD, an expanded booklet, and a solid black BVB rosary that can be ordered here.


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  • Tony Parente

    I wonder how much Monster paid the Black Veil Bride$ for that advertisement?



    • shadowhog


      rofl. The BVB down-syndromed fans are out to get us.



  • Phil Cady

    This is what corporations think is “metal”.

  • shadowhog

    So the talentless poser pieces of shit are christfags now too. What can possibly be done for these worthless retards to realize that they’re worthless retards? It would require a small semblance of intelligence for them to realize how stupid they are.

  • Emily

    if you don’t have anything nice to say shut the fuck up! you don’t have to listen to their music! you shouldn’t judge because you yourself are not perfect so back the fuck off and get a life stop ruining others by judging them and telling them what they like is wrong of dumb your shit is getting old! no one forced you to listen to they’re music so grow the fuck up and hop the fuck off kay thanks asshole!!!!