Black Veil Brides Talk Controversial Golden Gods Acceptance Speech

Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack sat down with Revolver TV at Rock on the Range to discuss his controversial acceptance speech at the Revolver Golden Gods in May.

Check it out!


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  • heavy metalist

    So many people giving these guys shit and for what? I personally love all styles of metal, from black metal to power metal to hard rock, and i like bvb’s first album. Second one was okay but they are a good band and the assholes giving them shit are idiots because ur giving hate in the metal world when before, in the 80’s and 90’s, we got shit for listening to thrash and heavy metal. These guys are just a new era for metal and a new style.

    • Brandon Magrowsky

      i will give you that their first album was fairly good,IMO the second was not good.. at all. and while i am on your side as to why they get so much undeserved shit. i feel like people hate thier fans more than theyhate the actual band. as in the scene kids who think this is the greatest band since the creation of music. not to mention that they came out onto a stage surrounded by Metallica fans, both old and new. and i feel it was the older fans who grew up listening to the Big 4 and some of the NWBHM acts of the day that despised hair metal, that were the reason they got so much shit at the Golden Gods awards. had it been a younger band headlining that had a newer generation of fans, im sure the response would have been vastley different.

  • california fan

    black veil brides is a favorite of many, millions!!!! Congrats to the 3 consecutive awards on golden gods-you definitely deserve this and more! next up kerrang awards bvb will definitely win at least one of the four you guys are up for. love your music, lyrics, talent, looks and philosophy… doesn’t get any better than this.