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Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner Picks the Top Five Sickest Horror Tattoo Artists

Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner Picks the Top Five Sickest Horror Tattoo Artists

Whether it takes the form of film, visual art, or death metal, Jeremy Wagner is a fan of horror. In the Halloween spirit of all things grosteque and repulsive, the Broken Hope axeman lists here his Top Five Sickest Horror Tattoo Artists for Revolver.

Broken Hope released Omen of Disease earlier this year, their first album in over a decade.
5. Paul Acker, "From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Paul Acker got his first tattoo at age 13 and started tattooing in January 2001. He loves horror and and horror movies, including: Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Trick 'r Treat, Monster Squad, Night of the Demons, Munsters Go Home, Phantasm I & II, The Funhouse, Terror Train, and The Fog, among others. Acker’s tattoo work reflects his macabre passion. From great white sharks and zombies, to Nosferatu and Jason Voorhees, Paul Acker is a 'horror tattooist’s tattoist!'”

4. Robert Hernandez, "Robert Hernandez hails from Madrid, Spain, and he ranks among the world’s best in black and gray, portraits, photo-realism, fantasy—and especially, in the genre of horror. His style and macabre eye have been never been duplicated."

3.Tommy Lee Wendtner, "Tommy Lee Wendtner of Cologne, Germany is said to have used the art of drawing to bring his diabolic message to the world. Around the age of 18, Wendtner started to embed his demented visions into the flesh of others. His mind and his tattoo art originate from some dark place most of us can’t comprehend. His tattoo work is straight out of some alternate universe of horror. There’s NO ONE like Wendtner."

2. Paul Booth, "Paul Booth’s first tattoo was his daughter's name and from there, he dove into his art. Over twenty years later, Booth has tattooed away, with his work appearing in the skin of thousands—including musicians and bands like Fred Durst, Slayer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Pantera, Lamb of God. Booth’s artistic vision is straight out of hell, and his horror style is extremely impressive. Worldwide, Booth is considered a master of the dark tattoo arts."

1. Bob Tyrell, "Bob Tyrrell got his first tattoo just shy of 30 and was soon tattooing at the age of 34--as Bob says, "A little late in the game, but better late than never!” Bob’s favorite artists include his father Robert J. Tyrrell, Paul Booth, Robert Hernandez, Guy Aitchison, Filip Leu, Shane O’Neill, Jack Rudy, Jay Wheeler, Jimé Litwalk, Joe Capobianco, Gunnar, and a million others. Bob’s work in black and gray ink is exceptional and highly original and dark. He’s worked on everyone from Gary Holt of Exodus to yours truly. He’s the greatest ink-god and scariest in the biz."

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