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Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner Picks His Top Five Songs with Riffs that Will "Punch You in the Face"

Broken Hope's Jeremy Wagner Picks His Top Five Songs with Riffs that Will

"I have two main passions in life: writing dark fiction and writing heavy music" Jeremy Wagner says. As the founding guitarist and lyricist of Broken Hope, Wagner is doing the latter. Here, he gives Revolver his top five songs with riffs "that will punch you in the face."

Broken Hope is about to release Omen of Disease on October 1, their first album in over a decade.



1. Napalm Death's "Mass Appeal Madness," "This song rules from the word "GO!," but it's the riff that starts at 2:52 and ends at 3:16 that will tear your head off!"

2. Suffocation's "Liege of Inveracity," "This song begins with a one-two punch that'll break your jaw, but the money shot is the riff from 2:51 to 3:3:14 that'll detonate your dome into cinders. This riff returns again from 3:48 to the very end, just to make sure you're damaged!"

3. Terrorizer's "World Downfall,"  "This tune is the title track to Terrorizer's debut album and it is the purest definition of grind. That said, it's the 'end riff' from 1:14 to the very end that will obliterate your cranium to atoms!"

4. Slayer's "Angel of Death," "Need I say more? The 'riff' I want to point out is more than just that--it's really both the guitar break starting at 1:38 AND the following entire bridge ending at 3:34, that has made this tune an immortal classic. Those riffs from the break to the end of the bridge is where 'face melting' surely came from!"

5. Broken Hope's "Womb of Horrors," "Self-promotion? Perhaps, but when I write a riff--I don't fuck around! ["Womb of Horrors" will be on Omen of Disease] The riff from 1:05 to 1:30 will crush your facial bones like a slab of granite AND that same riff comes back from 2:43 to the very end to make absolutely sure your face and head have been removed from your shoulders!"

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