Bullet for My Valentine Frontman Working on “Metal as F**k” Side Project

Bullet for My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck has revealed that he is working on a side project, which he describes as “metal as fuck.” Speaking on San Francisco radio station 107.7 the Bone, Tuck said, “It’s, like, far more like Slipknot, Pantera. It’s metal as fuck, you know what I mean?”

Tuck revealed the project already has an as-yet-undisclosed name attached to it, although the final lineup has yet to be cemented. “At the moment, there’s just three [guys in the new band], but there’ll be a minimum of four [in the final lineup].”

Talking further about the new project’s musical direction, Tuck said, “We wanted to go in there with kind of like a Slipknot attitude of just everything— like the Iowa album— just fucking violent. Let it all out. No holds barred.”


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  • Contortingkezia

    Being a musician myself I find it hard to bash on one’s direction. but when i think ‘metal as fuck’…Slipknot is one of the last bands that come to mind

  • Kadenahumada

    Contro- ur a dumbass, slipknot
    Is metal. Maybe not as heavy as they used to be but there sound is
    Metal just cause vocals arnt always a high or low dosnt mean they arnt metal, you obviously a shitty musician.

  • Z Rose

    lol not to mention he referred to the Iowa album, which was fucking heavy as fuck.

  • Gibson11

    Well if he is going back to something in the likes of The Poison, it would so make my day 😀

  • Stuart

    Awesome. That’s the shit I want to hear, Heavy-ass “kill a bastard” music like People=Shit or Before I Forget or even something like Scream Aim Fire and Hand of Blood but a little more bass-heavy and with some death growls.

  • Josh

    Could you imagine The Poison and Iowa mixed into one?? Hollllyyyyy shit! Just BFMV is like hockey minus the pads and a scythe for a hockey stick. But with slipknot aaannnnddd bullet its hockey minus the pads with a scythe and the goal of the game is to brutalize the opposing team as quickly and gruesomely creative as possible.

  • metalcoreisnotmetal

    Finally this band makes something is metal (Well we will see when it comes out) BFMV is not metal and I’m tired of people thinking they are so hopefully this will be real metal.

  • Ace_Topspeed & Srshayan

    We are one of the fans of bfmv and we describe it at this way:

    Their previous songs as Hand of blood, Tears dont fall, Your betrayal, extremely hand of blood, and the others not named mostly have a meaning (may not be a very Powerful meaning but the meaning Shows a matter of life that can be happened for anyone) inside that the pressure of it can be shown by Tempo,Vocals and string changing.

    example in hand of blood, the real meaning is can be shown at the guitar solo and when matt changes the solo strings that sound like scratching a nail on the back of the frying pan, its just a lot of fun, the he screams and you’ll get surprised and shocked!!

    he announced that it is a SIDE PROJECT so, he shouldn’t leave his own group because he plays awesome metalcore that we all like it and it will be really bad if he leaves bfmv…

    although we all wait for bfmv’s fourth album, we want our Melodic Metalcore back!

  • Bullet spray

    what does Matt mean by “no holds barred””???
    Can the singer of slipknot scream as loud and long as Matt Tuck?
    Probably hand of blood, i think its no holds barred, much more than any slipknot song….and the intro scream of Matt in tears dont fall?the song is too heavy, heavy screams and the an amazing guitar solo.
    I think he is awesome at his BFMV performance too.

  • Metallica0619

    I would just like BFMV to go back to the style they were on the Poison album.  Matt’s singing was so much better on that album. I love the band and have all the albums but the last two were let downs because his singing voice changed he started stressing his voice rather then singing with the same voice that he did on the poison. The screaming has always been great but the singing voice kills me. It almost sounds like he is trying to sing like James Hetfield from metallica I know people I think I spelled James’s last name wrong so what. The point is Matt Tuck needs to use the same singing voice that he did on the Poison that album is what made them why stray away from what is working.

  • Evanaudrey1

    Wtf is this shit

  • Ozzman