Bullet for My Valentine Premiere “Riot” Music Video

Welsh metal band Bullet for My Valentine have just premiered an official music video for the song “Riot,” off their much-anticipated new album, Temper, Temper. Watch it below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

Temper, Temper is due out February 12. For more on the album — and a full list of our most anticipated albums of the years — head here.


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  • JR_77

    punk wannabees…

  • Randy Marsh

    really..i was hoping their new stuff would be harder and better. they really turned down their sounds and disappointing..tragic

  • David

    Wow…talk about a major let down… I hope the rest is better then this… they disapointed me in 2011 at the rockstar energy uproar fest…. I knew they lost it completly when I seen them… they sucked so bad to what they should’ve been like all I remember is how bad Matt sang & played… Sick Puppies bring it better with just 3 people. Shimon, Mark & Emma do better live then current BFMV which is sad… & its not cause Sick Puppies suck but cause BFMV use to be a great live band. Matt ruins them live now. Also A7X live sucks on Drum without Rev live. His better drumming cvered the bad live bass of Johnny… idk if john boy knows how to play it correctly but I think he needs to be replaced… I will always be a supporter of A7X music up till now… but unless things get a lot better I think A7X & BFMV my two fave live bands have lost it…. I currently would rather see BVB live then them… somthing I didn’t think I would have ever said… BVB is better then some people will admit… I use to hate them for good reason but they won me over with the last album Set The World On Fire & the playing of them live… even with Andy having a messed up voice for the Revolver golden gods he still sang as good as anyone there just about…they got better & evolved the music hopefully they will continue to grow… if not atleast I have a newer band I want to see that plays metal still. Fozzy & In This Moment are currently better live then A7X. Get better and improve guys, you can do it if you get a better drummer like Skillet’s drummer Jen Ledger who reminds me more or Rev’s drumming then what they currently have… or work things out with Mike… oh yeah one more thing.. fire/boot/release/kick Johnny & get a bassist who can actually play the bass that’s recorded better… if A7X doesn’t I might sadly be waiting awhile to see them live again :/

  • http://www.facebook.com/robby.demole Robby Demole

    he cut his hair……

    • David

      Yeah I know it’s sad. I don’t personally care about how Matt or anybodys hair looks in music. They might have been spending to much time getting all pretty when it comes to them live the last few years. Maybe that’s Matts reason which if I recall they claimed they didn’t care what it looked like. They started out by being a Metallica cover band & if someone didn’t see the Metallica/Megadeth in them before it shows now more then ever… This Album is likely to be like Metallica’s Black Album. I’m guessing that Tears Don’t Fall is like BFMV’s The Unforgiven by Metallica. Tears Don’t Fall Part 2 will be followed up about 5 or more years from now with “Tears Don’t Fall Part 3 “? Lol

  • http://twitter.com/ElecGtrGrl Daisy Goez

    They are getting old people, c’mon. Cut them some slack. It isn’t that bad, but compared to the old B4MV, yes it is disappointing, although I will not leave as a fan.

  • Adecmr

    Yeaaa! Love Bullet For My valentine! stoked for the new record!