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Call Me No One Frontman, and Sevendust Guitarist, Clint Lowery Shares Tour Diary, Part 2

Call Me No One Frontman, and Sevendust Guitarist, Clint Lowery Shares Tour Diary, Part 2

Call Me No One, the new hard-rock band featuring Sevendust's Clint Lowery and Morgan Rose, recently kicked off their first tour ever, in support of their debut album, Last Parade. Every week, frontman Lowery (pictured below, second from right) will be sharing his tour diary with us. Here's the second entry...

Days off are golden when you’re trying to keep your voice on the road. And for a guy that hasn't been the lead singer and pushes himself maybe a lil' too much, the day off seems magical.

I have a full-on new respect for singers who do this year round.

We make our way through some Ohio shows, Portsmouth, which is damn near West Virgina and start the very popular tour parking lot BBQs. These are amazing because it allows everyone on tour to pitch in five dollars and eat a bunch of food. Some people pitch in, some don't. I try not making a big deal about it. Kinda like the honor system. Watermelon, cheeseburgers, hot dogs — the basics.

The vibe on this tour has been an absolute pleasure. 14 people on one bus, could have been a recipe for disaster. But our history with Nonpoint is long, and friendship is solid. It's all about respecting boundaries and being positive. I've picked up the nickname "Mama Lowery" cause I clean buses. I picked up this habit after I got sober. It’s kinda like an OCD thing and kinda helps me relax. I wait until everyone's off and spring clean it and take pride when the guys hop back on. I'm nuts.

Our show is finally starting to take shape. Everyday we have to dial in the monitors because we don't travel with an engineer. This is a task. Some days you get a very capable engineer, some days not. Our team of guys always help fill in the blanks for the less talented ones. As a band, our confidence is growing and we’re getting comfortable. Each show we find a better flow, my rap to the crowd is sometimes funny, sometimes awkward and most of the time, brief. I simply try not to think about it and just say what comes off the top of my head.

Rek and Alan are both stellar musicians and by far some of the coolest guys I've ever toured with - real genuine people and perfectionists. Their enthusiasm is infectious and I enjoy my time with them. Morgan as always, makes playing an amazing experience.

Some of the crowds are smaller but very attentive. Louisville, for example, was one of the bigger crowds. The monitor guy at this place decides to take a break in our set for 3 songs, I can't hear anything I sing and scream every word. Not too cool for the voice, or crowd. I get off stage mad and everyone seems to think it was a good show, so my perception of the shows could be off. I know that after each one I feel like we won a battle of some kind - that everyone there was a factor in helping me do something no one thought we could do. We have a day off after Louisville and spend our day off there. Gym beside the hotel, we do some laundry, Eye Empire host another parking lot BBQ…then we pile up and go see the movie Total Recall. Why we were excited to see this average remake, I have no idea. But it's an escape.

On to Johnson City. I have memories of playing this place in my early twenties with my old band Still Rain. Not much has changed. Shows good, we hang with people at our merch booth every night. In hopes to sell merch and connect with fans. I really have enjoyed that part of this trek. Some people have really made me feel good about what we've done.

Day off in ATL with my family. My mother flies into town, my wife, son, and in laws. We spend a great day hanging out, connecting my son with his cuz Sloane, watching my mom watch her grandchildren was a pleasure beyond. Spending time with them was a much needed recharge. The ATL show was the show on the tour I really wanted to do well at performance-wise. It's kinda like a home coming show. All the family is out, familiar faces, insane guest list, stress of making sure everyone is ok, it's not exactly a relaxing show but the price you pay to have everyone there. My wife and son watch side of the stage. My son is amazing to watch, he points and says daddy and bangs his head. Something I've waited to see after watching all the kids in the 7D camp at shows. I wanted and yearned to have a child of my own be there and now that is my reality. My wife's giving me the biggest gift a person can give. Life.

The show is a success, we gel well on stage and everyone seems to enjoy it. I enjoy my talks with fans afterwards too - really heart felt things they said. I feel honored and a small piece doesn't think I deserve it, but small enough piece to ignore.

I'm grateful for this band, my life, and the future. CMNO will move forward, we have a taste for it now and it will be seen through. It's too fun and too real. Sevendust will also move forward. Just has to make a lil' room for this growing entity.

Few more shows and we’re done... Until the next tour.

God bless.


Clint also put together a special tour playlist for fans that missed out on the band's latest run of dates. Check it out on Spotify here.

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