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Cam Pipes of 3 Inches of Blood Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Cam Pipes of 3 Inches of Blood Picks His Five Favorite Albums of the Year

Leading up to the end of the year, Revolver has asked some of our favorite artists to pick their Top Albums of 2012 and tell us why each record rules. Here, Cam Pipes (pictured left), vocalist of the power-metal band 3 Inches of Blood, selects his faves.





5. Overkill, The Electric Age
"Even after 20 or so albums, these veterans can still deliver a thrash album that puts a majority of the young buck thrash revival bands to shame. We just did a tour with them in Europe and they are not slowing down."











4. Bison b.c., Lovelessness
"Bison b.c. stand out from the pack of all the sludgy, doomy bands out there. They are growing with each record because there's some intangible quality that makes their riffs just that much more punishing than their peers."











3. Accept, Stalingrad
"The last Accept album was, to me, a shockingly good return after such a long hiatus. Stalingrad continues to show why Accept still are an important band in the metal scene. As long as they keep putting out albums, I expect they will all be great."











2. Goatwhore, Blood for the Master
"Blood for the Master is crushing as all hell. Unrelenting in its delivery. These guys never let up."











1. Enslaved, RIITIIR
"I'm such a huge fan of this band. Every time Enslaved release a new record it makes the top of my list for the year. They're one of the few band I expect to put out a fantastic album every time and they never let me down."

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