Cannibal Corpse Premiere New Song, “Scourge of Iron”

Death-metal legends Cannibal Corpse are releasing their 12th album, Torture, on March 13 (available for preorder here). You can be the first to hear the third song on that disc, “Scourge of Iron,” below.

Comments bassist Alex Webster of the new tune: “‘Scourge of Iron’ helps to show the song writing diversity on Torture. [First album single] ‘Demented Aggression’ is blazing fast and frantic, while ‘Scourge…’ is a down tempo, pounding song. They’re both death metal, but at opposite ends of the speed spectrum. Expect to hear this kind of variety throughout Torture. We’ve utilized many different tempos, rhythms, and feels in these songs with the goal of making an album that is varied and dynamic but also very brutal. On March 13th you’ll get to decide whether or not we succeeded.”

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo by Alex Morgan


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  • Gary-James

    They Never Disappoint…!!!!

  • Massacre

    m/ Brutal m/

  • JoHn

     still trying to drown Chris Barns style tisk tisk they are better going Butcher speed or Bleeding,but I guess thats what happens when you lose Musical Talent Like Jack and Chris …… Still Rock ,but Not Like They Use too….7/10 Skulls

    • Coathanger Creig

       Dude. Can’t you respect this as their style instead of comparing to Chris and Jack?

      Corpsegrinder has a very strong voice, and Alex and Pat have extraordinary talent as musicians. Paul and Rob really bring it all together, too.

      And holy crap; the song-writing on some of these songs (like this one, for instance) is tight.

    • Hendrixfan

      who says they’re trying to drown the past??   oh… you do.     wahmp wahmp      get a life loser.

  • Mrowa

    Good as fuck!!!

  • Darren666

    Fucking heavy m/

  • Chris Denman

    FUCK. YES. 

  • Tech_ft

    good song

  • Darren Debbie Rangel

    i love CC but this song is nothing special 

  • Dan Prieto Vaca

    The production sounds bad ass. The music is brutal as always. I would never expect anything less.

    The solo at the end is orgasmic. 8.5/10

  • Larshoerning

    Heavy as Fu*K!!! Love it 😀 

  • Eric Norlin

    kinda Bolt Thrower-ish in bits Heavy

  • Mario Anita

    FFuck yeah Cannibal Corpse never disappoints me e

  • James Belisle

    Fucking beautiful. Very dragging and heavy, like an executioner preparing to mutilate for his first time. Very well done. 

  • Ct51073

    Hell ya

  • Andrew Sharpe

    so happy 😀

  • rj young

    holy shit badass its got a gallery of suicide an vile sound to this track. Cant wait to hear the whole thing!

  • Pullaka

    Tipical slow song of the album 6.5/10. I prefer the other one, Demented Aggression

  • btown420666

    badass I love it

  • Elmo

    Cookie monster’s never sounded better!

  • shawn trout

    fucking awsome!! come to philadelphia!!!

  • Xenochrist87

    I just cried…… From my dick.

  • Quenton Chase Klawon

    BAD ASS. Love it. Cant wait for the album to hit.

  • Jimmiefuckingward

    Summer Slaughter baby. ;D

  • Bellvillechris

    Holy shitballs my ears just blew a load….time in texas studios well spent please for the love of god make a tour stop somewhere in dallas (im legally restricted to that county) cant wait to rock out with my cock out to this and other holy ballads sure to await me on other tracks of this album….total brutal

  • Yomamma

    love cannibal’s sound and songwriting…. I think this song sounds a little less “played to a click” than ‘evisceration plague’ stuff which was a little stiff and too clean for it’s own good; lacking the blaze and recklessness of ‘kill’……..     this track from ‘scourge’ could use more mixing the vox INTO the sound rather than ‘on top’ (and 6 db louder!)      overall I give this song 8 skulls out of 10.    love the whammy pedal harmonizing chunks of the solo                m/ O_o m/                  love CC!!!!!!!!  

  • Daniel Hume

    I’m not really a big fan of this song.  Maybe after the 2min 50sec mark though.

  • Joshi

    an donnerstag ♥

  • gUturaL

    Mis respetos a esta gran banda de la escena death metal mundial… pero lamentablemente, el tema carece de rapidez y impacto.  Ojala el disco completo sea mas al hueso… Grande Cannnibal. saludos desde Chile

  • Tcochrane6

    def. heavy, cant wait to get ahold of this album

  • Laurent H.

    Can wait for “torture”…Like this track too !!! Hell yeah ! Hail CC !!! Thx…….

  • Arjun C.Sawant

     food,water,air,shelter and cannibal corpse…

  • Spaceyace

    Cant wait for this album. This and Demented Aggression are sick as fuck!

  • Metalrules11

    Can’t wait for Edge Of Paradise’s new song! 

  • JayteeBeedee

    Fucking love it! signature cannibal sliding mute chords amidst chugs, powerful growls, bassy as fuck, poundin drums. Breutiful.

  • Samuraicallan

    Love the vocals. Glad to see CC can still make you wanna jump in the pit and thrash your ass off and totally wreck shit.

  • julien

    love love love

  • Greg Oryschak

    Sick tune.  I hope you guys have another instrumental as well like From Skin To Liquid.  Probably my most favorite instrumental ever.

  • Thom

    there is a reason ive seen this fuckin band over 14 times, and its great fucking brutality such as this, that makes them masters ov their craft! keep it sick! keep it brutal! keep it underground!!!!!

  • Lips_sewn_shut

    Cannibal Corpse…. would you really expect anything imperfect? You motherfuckers have really raised the bar!!! From relentless agression (no pun intended) to power groove. LOOK THE FUCK OUT.

  • Guy Weddle

    Oh fuck yes..the production on this is outstanding. 

  • Dakoda sinderly


    • Derk

       Please learn to spell before making your witty and inspired comments.

    • DakodaSinderlyFuckOff

      go listen to your mainstream nigger music queer

      • Metalforever79

        You need a life sir. There is no need for racism on this site or anywhere for that matter. So get lost and keep your racist ass comments off of here. You can be a metal head with out being a racist looser. You make ”real” metal heads look bad.One more thing,if you are racist that just means that you are trying to cover up ur own personal failures. You dont deserve to be labeled as a metal. The label for you is un educated looser.

  • Memnon464


  • Misty Rhevea McCool

    Ohhhhh my!! I think my undies just melted off!!! =D

  • Slammersmith1975

    NICE !!!!!!!!!

  • Rodrigo Dell Corpse

    CANNIBAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rodrigo Dell Corpse

    CORPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FODA …. BRASIL .

  • Shecter90

    Fucking GREAT!!!!!SUPER!!!!!All song Like Brakedown….Very Angry Brakedown!!!!!!!FUCH YEAAHHH!!!!!

  • Jenna

    orgasssmic!! nuff said

  • IsraeL

    started very good so desne and then barbaric bass, but then…. nothing happened.

  • The_Infernal_Mangler

    Fucking metal boner achieved!

  • Metalforever79

    Its funny to me how someone can crticize another person for supposedly spelling bad ,but cant even write a sentence correctly. wrong answer is Please learn to spell before making witty and inspired comments. Right answer is Please learn ”how” to spell before making your witty and inspired comments.

  • Metal Maniac

    These guys…..they just keep…….getting…..more…….fucking……BRUTAL! Each album is as heavy as the previous. I am never dissapointed with these guys. 

  • Evilized

    4:45 minutes is too long for this song. I actually like slow and long tracks, but this just gets boring after about 2-3 minutes. Pretty generic New-School Death Metal. Many did better, but some also did worse. 

  • Betão Pirata

    Show de bola! ótimo cartão de visita.

  • Betão Pirata

    Show! um ótimo cartão de visita.

  • Marko Corpsegrinder


  • Matthijs Ouderland

    A Step forward!

  • Allen Mattsen


  • AyoAyoao

    Too basic compared to their last albums – this track anyway (and Demented Agression)

  • Stephen Martin

    Keep it up!! You guys are awesome!! This record is going to be BRUTAL!!

  • Metalnik

    Fuckin brutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal m/

  • Boardratte

    Jawohl! Perfect!

  • Snuff

    boring … prefer stuff like Make em suffer 

  • FLDM

    Glad to hear them mix it up a little bit.  I really dig how the riffs are really fragmented.  

  • 666nayr666

    Loving the sound of the new album and how they’re adding some slower paced songs, they’re exceptionally good at that chugging style. Only gripe I have is with the cover art, each cover is becoming more pathetic looking. What happened to the grusome, disturbing images like on Butchered At Birth? Now we get a load of cartoonish looking zombies that a child wouldn’t find frightening.

    • KickMyJunk

      The reason why the stuff looks more cartoonish now is because Vincent Locke has actually gotten a bit better, if that makes sense.  Maybe I should say detailed instead of better.  The older artwork wasn’t as detailed, and as a result had a very murky look that I think a lot of people prefer.  At least this is my theory. 

    • Robyn

      dude take the slip cover off and it’s butchered all over again.  enjoy

  • HOA_shredder

    The tone here is just so commandingly evil as ***k, they really made the slow chugging in here work so well and I actually enjoyed listening to this 1st time round and even more so 2nd time around LOUDER!  Can’t wait to hear the entire album, should kill!  Btw, Nice solo, was definitely not expecting that.




    THIS IS EPIC !!!!!
    TORTURE !!!!!!

  • Smurfgod

    Fuck yes!!!!

  • Joshgoodman1976

    that fucking corpse!!!!!!!!!!this shit is fucking brutal.


    OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOODDDDD Cannibal Corpse is the Best Yeaahhhhh m/

  • Dsa

     This new ditty is sure swell!  Nice choice with the Mark V.

  • Irenerossi

    A most correct title for this song would be “interview with the zombie leader in the I Am Legend film”

  • Serge

    sounds pretty damn good!

  • Jordan Cameron

    the down tempo plus corpse tone just hits so fucking hard i’m glad they’re gonna have more of this on the new album

  • Jordan Cameron

    the down tempo plus corpse tone just hits so fucking hard i’m glad they’re gonna have more of this on the new album

  • John Foytek

    this is fucking brutal a return to old school style 

  • Dcdmon

    This song is slow death BRUTALITY!!  Can’t wait to see them in Vermont!

  • Altescheune

    Seems to me like a song which will never end. I hope the rest on the lp is much more interresting.

  • disappointed

    This is way too ridgid. It’s like it’s two different songs squashed together. They have a great groove then throw in fast speed for seemingly no reason at all. This is not very good, I’m extremely dissappointed with this song. This band has been going downhill since thier last album. They need to return to Tomb of the Mutilated. This just seems like they are trying too hard to stick out. They don’t need to stick out, other bands do. This band basically owns death metal, they need to stick to thier formula, which is consistent grooves, no random speed changes.

    This is not the Cannibal Corpse I knew.

    • buy a metronome

       you have no fucking clue what you’re talking about.  seriously.

    • Metalmax

      You do realize songs have to progress to keep the attention of the listener? If it was straight eight note chugs the entire time it would get old. I think they added the perfect amount of technical grooves in. If you want something groovy go listen to some dent like everybody else.

  • ShawnScarano

    Great review!!!!
    Love the new album!!

  • Drow

    It’s funny that this song reminds of Nile! lol

  • Jim Sirigos

    This and “Followed Home, Then Killed….” are just brutal! Call me a fan boy, but I like the progression of KILL>EVISCERATION>TORTURE…..

  • Benjaminwalter66

    too little; too late.  But, I do enjoy the try.  Never stop.

  • Pamy Meow

    m/>^..^<m/ MEOW

  • Dingus

    fuck all of you who says this isnt cannibal corpse. just. fuck. you.

  • Dingus

    fuck all of you who says this isnt cannibal corpse. just. fuck. you.


    This song must be heard on an incredible stereo system with an effective sub… not on tiny computer speakers. It sounds CRUSHING with the right equipment.