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Carmine Appice Picks His Favorite Heavy-Metal Drumming Songs

Carmine Appice Picks His Favorite Heavy-Metal Drumming Songs

Carmine Appice, drummer for Vanilla Fudge and Cactus, is currently working on the Carmine Appice’s Rockaholics Metal Fan Camp set for August 26-30 at Full Moon Resort in the heart of the "Forever Wild" Catskill Forest Preserve, just one half hour west of Woodstock, New York. Appice will be joined by “camp counselors” including singer-guitarist Eric Bloom (Blue Öyster Cult), drummer James Kottak (Scorpions), guitarist Eddie Ojeda (Twisted Sister), and renowned shredder Michael Angelo Batio.

To celebrate his new Metal Camp, Appice put together his list of the top six heavy-metal drumming songs of all time:

1. "When The Levee Breaks, " Led Zeppelin
"I always loved the sleazy, heavy drum groove together with the bluesy harp. Just a really cool song with great production."

2. "We Rock," Dio
"When I used to go see my brother [Vinny Appice] play that song--and when I heard it on the album--I was blown away. The tempo was great. Ronnie's voice, the solo, great arrangement--kickass metal!"

3. "Bark at the Moon," Ozzy Osbourne
"When I played the song live with Ozzy and was involved with the mix, I loved this song. Great hook idea, and the very visual lyrics by Daisley are awesome. Great bass and guitar, and Ozzy sang the crap out of it. Lots of energy in that one."

4. "Valley of the Kings," Blue Murder
"John Sykes is a great songwriter. When I heard the demo of this song, I immediately loved it. I used to listen to the demo just for fun. Then after we actually recorded it, the sound that Bob Rock and Mike Fraser got was amazing. Then I liked it even more!"

5. "In the Still of the Night," Whitesnake
"A great song again with Sykes as a writer. Real cool arrangement, and very '70s in approach--except very heavy. I still turn the radio up when it comes on!"

6. "Highway To Hell," AC/DC
"I always liked the simplicity of that song. And the chorus is infectious. The whole band just sounds so great together, with each instrument jelling perfectly to create this amazing heavy groove. Great production as well."

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