Corey Taylor Says He Wants to Make Slipknot, Mushroomhead, Mudvayne, and GWAR Tour a Reality

Corey TaylorIn a recent interview with Live Metal, Slipknot and Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor (pictured left) was asked about the possibility of touring with Mushroomhead. Read what he had to say below.

“I’m working on that, honestly. It probably won’t happen right away, just because [Slipknot’s] been gone for awhile and we have all these changes, and we’ve got a new album coming out. So we want to kinda take the first six or seven months and just kind of re-establish ourselves.

Taylor went on to say he wanted Mudvayne and GWAR to be part of the lineup as well.

“But, I can say it’s on my radar and it’s one of the things I want to do, like for real. Honestly now, especially now since [GWAR vocalist Dave] Brockie’s dead—that was one of the guys that I really wanted to tour with. It was GWAR, [Slipknot], Mushroomhead and Mudvayne. I really wanted to put that together. So trust me. Hopefully sooner than later we will see what happens.”

What do you think of this tour possibility? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Felicia Jeanette Thibodeau

    That would be amazing!! 😀

  • Tatae

    This line up would be AMAZING!! All my top favorite bands together?! F*** YES!!

  • Gord

    Well won’t be rushing out to see old hard rock wanna bes.

  • Devil Dog

    Would have been great 4 years ago, with Paul and Dave alive and Joey in the band!!! It’s not GWAR without Dave.

  • SickenedStuff

    Sykosis should be on this tour

  • Mr.Woody226

    I can’t see this happening, but I will be there if it does!

  • NotGonnaPay

    really? Yeah now that the guy who called your band “Mushroomknot” and “Slipvayne” is dead, you’re talking about touring with the rest of his band. The only time I would want to see slipknot and GWAR on the same stage is when Oderus is sticking his cock up this crybaby’s ass. I think Brockie said it best when he said “A ninny placed on a podium is a ninny nonetheless.”
    Fuck Corey Taylor, just as Oderus would’ve wanted it.

    • Bill Agans

      corey first mentioned this idea 2 years ago. long before dave passed away.

  • Joe

    I think that it would be awesome to see all those bands at one show. I wish that the original members would b there, but other bands have lost their original members and moved on. Music is a business and it always will be. I say do it.

  • Tanya

    I don’t care about GWAR, but all of the rest would be AWESOME!

  • Cosmic Sea

    But Mudvayne has to wear their face paint

  • jay

    throw in motograter!!