Corrosion of Conformity Premiere New Song, “The Nectar”

corrosion of conformity

Corrosion of Conformity will release their ninth studio album, aptly titled IX, June 24 via Candlelight Records. In anticipation, the group has teamed with Revolver to premiere a track from the record, ” The Nectar.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Samuel Grim Stueckrath

    The song won’t play for me

  • brijay

    COC still rocking sounds good Ill buy it

  • MadMike R5D4

    Sounds damn good!!! Pepper and company can still deliver the goods, I’ll be picking this one up.

    • Jeff B

      Lol pepper hasn’t been in the band for years.

      • you suck

        Pepper is still considered a member of the band, but hasnt been active in awhile now, he has recently talked about getting back with coc and recording some new music.

        • Jeff B

          No, Pepper is not in the band anymore. He has been taking for years about recording new music with them. That doesn’t mean it’s happening.

  • Simon Valcourt

    It does not really fall into the same category as such gem as ”Deliverance” or ”Wiseblood”. Both these two albums are amazing early sludge albums, this sounds to me more of a psychedelic, perhaps euro influenced stoner-metal/doom. The lack of Pepper is of course, very apparant and probably still a gaping wound in the mind of the remaining group members and the fans. They get points for perseverence also, but C.O.C. has gigantic shoes to fill if they want to top their mid career epicness. Rock on nonetheless!

  • Eye for an Eye

    C.O.C started without Pepper and are better without him. Pepper is great with Down. This is the C.O.C. I remember from the 80’s. Keep it up

  • Eye for an Eye

    By the way the ” a gaping wound in the mind of the remaining group”????? come on

    • Simon Valcourt

      If you really got into C.O.C. during their HayDay, you are probably digging the style they had during the mid 90’s. Which is where they have aquired the big of their fan base. The sound they had with the skill and groove when playing as a full band with two guitars… added up with Pepper’s grunge/stoner type singing.. Boy that’s fucking hard to beat. It is worlds away from the type of sound they got going on now. I admit not knowing the band history since they started jamming, probably still in their teens, but I am extremely appreciatative of their discography. They got riffage worthy of the pantheons of the riffing gods. It’s a sad sad shame those two guitars are gone… It makes me sad inside :(

      • Simon Valcourt

        Just listen to the the track ”Long Whip/Big America” in comparison to what i’m hearing now, it is not a diss, but it is extremely different. Like I’ve previously mentionned, this is a record for a different fan base then what they probably are used to. This should be a good hit in Europe, but perhaps not as much in North America.

      • Grazzly

        Pepper sucks dick. Mike Dean is the singer for CoC.

  • Fuzz

    Simon V, you must be younger than I, and less intelligent. COC was, for most of us, the threesome recording now. While they may have reached more commercial success with Pepper, that era was pretty much the equivalent to what Metallica is doing now. It sucked.