Couple Gets Engaged Onstage at Avenged Sevenfold Show — Video

Photo by Rob Fenn

Photo by Rob Fenn

At the Denver stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, a couple got engaged onstage during Avenged Sevenfold’s set. Watch the video below.

Beau Barkley, who has worked with Rockstar Energy Drink in Promotions and Marketing for their festival tours, proposed to his girlfriend Micah Manzanarez, with A7X’s frontman M. Shadows in on the surprise.

Barkley wrote on his Facebook, “After all the hell I have put Micah through the last few years, I had to do something big to make up for it. This was a gift from my tour family and myself for all the lonely times I have put her through.”


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  • kmdyf

    this shit should make rob flynn very happy. Remember a few months back when Rob (machine head by the way) said that avenged sevenfold copied other bands and was very unoriginal. Well guess who had a proposal on stage a few days before this at their show? You guessed it Machine head..

    • David Everard

      I’m pretty sure that A7X didn’t know that Machinehead had a proposal onstage.

    • Theresa

      What?! I can’t believe what A7X did what Machine Head did just like what everyone else does! This should really go on the news dude.

    • Mike Aurin

      Can’t a fucking band do something extremely cool and special for someone without being compared to someone else? Maybe if this chick’s favorite band was Machine Head they’d have another proposal, but this chick likes Sevenfold. Eat a dick.

  • Harvey Leong

    Fking awesome.. getting engaged in a fkin A7X concert with A7X helping. best. engagement. ever.

  • Master Didwell

    Congratulation bro…