Cradle of Filth Premiere New Song, “Unbridled At Dusk” Demo


Extreme-metal act Cradle of Filth will be releasing their third demo from two decades ago, Total Fucking Darkness, on May 5 via Mordgrimm. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere a new track, “Unbridled At Dusk.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments.

You can pre-order Total Fucking Darkness here. For more on Cradle of Filth, visit their website and Facebook.


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  • Josh Rowe

    Did cookie monster take over on vocals…?

  • Nastybedazzler

    It’s pretty interesting that they’re choosing to release this officially on vinyl. If it were available for less than $50 in the states I’d pick it up for the hell of it.

    I remember having this on CD way back in the day. I bought it off eBay before online piracy was so simple, it was the only way I could find it and when I got it I thought it was terrible.

  • Ruptured Souls

    So much clearer than the original tape or bootlegs i have! Awesome job on the remastering. Still sounds gritty as fuck though (which is a good thing) The instruments stand apart, and the vocals are far more audible. Guitars maybe a little tinny, but we’re talking 92 death/black metal. Thankfully the drums are cleaned, but not drummergogged-to-shit as i expected. Everything sounds just as it should. :) Like having a listen to the original recordings in the studio through the mixing desk (and not a completely re-hashed, re-recorded crystal clear phoney). Great job guys; you made the right decisions!

    Very happy to see this re-released properly, even if i’m not keen on the new artwork. Looking forward to my special Ltd to 66 box set hehe πŸ˜‰

    Hopefully the other two demos and first recording of Dusk get similar treatment!

  • Rudy

    D,s changing his vocal style or what!? Me want cookies! Fucken cookies! (Growly voice)

  • Garrett

    2 of you seem to be forgetting that this is one of the band’s early demos, from like 93.

    • Userfriendly

      I was gonna say that but decided not to talk to idiots to evade an argument.

  • Peter Winstead

    I think it sounds fucking amazing

  • Pazuzu13

    Me like. A lot actually.

  • Francesco Malizia

    I love It! Stay C.O.F.!

  • ali zakir

    praced the sound