Cryptic Wisdom Premiere New Music Video, “Talking to Myself”

Cryptic Wisdom_001

Alternative hip-hop artist Cryptic Wisdom recently released his new album, ‘X’s & O’z,’ via Ill-legal RecordsToday, he’s teaming up with Revolver to premiere a new music video for the song, “Talking to Myself.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Main man David Gonzalez comments, “I’m a drug addict and ‘Talking To Myself’ is a visual representation of the many stages and cycles of addiction, based on my own experiences. I sing and rap my songs. There’s usually a cool blend between both in my signature work, but I wrote this song when I was in a very dark place. It came from my heart and I just wanted to sing. I think it really sets the tone for the rest of the album [X’s & O’z]. One of the most difficult things about shooting the video for ‘Talking To Myself’ was having to revisit those dark places and exhibit old patterns and behaviors. It was directed by Michael Shahin and the song was mastered by Kyle McCormack for Extract Engineering.”

To get ‘X’s & O’z,’ visit iTunes. For more on Cryptic Wisdom, follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


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  • singlelosernabuser

    this guy’s still relevant? this shit’s horrible, and he’s fat and ugly.

  • Javier Ramos

    This artist is one of the best! I would love to listen to some more of him here!

  • Gav Joryism Maximus

    man, both song AND video were great. People should definitely listen to this album!

  • Ryan

    Love the video!!!! Song is killer!!

  • Rizkee Biz

    Cryptic Wisdom’s lyrics always speak on some real life issues that we all can relate to!! He keeps it 100% real!! Much respect homie!! As long as you keep putting out quality music I will contiue to be a Wisdom Seeker!!

  • David miller

    Wow, looks like the jokerr(singleloseernabuser) found the video….
    Ah, forget him, he’s just a hater. The video, lyrics, and the song are all good. Good job, man.

  • The-riddle Neel

    Dope track, nothing but love from the netherlands. Nice site 2. I think i speak for most of the hiphop fans that its a great song. And alot of us can relate to some parts of the video.


  • Roberto Gimenez Chaques

    Dope video and track !! Great work

  • CraziiB1tch

    Amazing like always David!!!!!

  • Daniel Salas

    Good job David! Keep up the real music :)

  • Melvin His-Story Schors

    We need more of this!! Spread Wisdom!

  • Andre

    Yessss! That’s my shit. Cryptics been on his grind for a long time, he really deserves more. Man, just stay up! We as illiens now u make it big!! Loving the video!

  • D’Manic

    Amazing! Great work! Add some more videos from Cryptic!

  • Rob Grounds

    Sick as usual

  • Taylor Jaenke

    Great job bro your music as always is really easy to relate to keep up the great music

  • Ryan Dillon

    I wanna see more CW on this website! This video is awesome!!!

  • TheRealNome-D

    This is fucking dope.

  • Slim Rudy

    Amazing song and video!!!!

  • clypse

    Fuckin beast

  • Cel Shade

    Been listen to David G. since Wisdom Teeth, and I’ll tell you what, he was great then, he’s even better now!

  • adam

    he killed this shit man. good job david.

  • Whitman1212

    Hell yeah man!! Keep it up ! Keep spreading wisdom!


    I love all genres of music and this is a great song. All CRYPTIC WISDOM music is REAL

  • Julian Archer

    Beast Mode Bro love it

  • capn morgan

    Awesome! His music always touches me. Helped me through a lot of dark times

  • Alex

    About time David is getting recognition he deserves! This dude has a passion for what he does!

  • WaltfromMA

    I thought the song was pretty awesome. The video was very very sincere and I respect that.

  • Skitzo Shay

    Skitzo Shay–Awesome as always Cryptic, even with out Rhymes your still killin it and Always real!!!

  • quetheory

    Cryptic Wisdom the gawd, need more of this type of originality

  • Malek

    yo this dude is ill!!

  • Zacc Worthy

    I love this dudes music. Been down the CW for years. By far one of the BEST music videos I’ve seen in a loooong time!

  • J-dawg

    Fucking awesome! Revolver, where did you guys find this guy? Song and video were amazing. I don’t like hip hop much but will check out your other stuff now after this being so fucking mind blowing! Thank you, Revolver!

  • Demzwon DemonicMusic

    Demzwon here to show support for the homie Cryptic Wisdom keep killin shit bro

  • Joseph Meister

    I love Cryptic WisdomWisdoms music! I have for years! He never ever disappoints and his album’s, music videos and ect get better and better, you guy’s wouldn’t be let down in giving him a shot, he puts his heart and soul into each of his songs and videos! #SpreadWisdom #Illienforlife

  • korupt k9

    great song and dope video!

  • Alex

    Amazing song love all his music not one song i Dislike

  • Alex

    Also the video was well put together love it

  • Michael Sylvester

    I used to subscribe to you all when I was in prison for seven years in FL and trusted your views and outlooks on music. Anytime that I read something on a new and up-and-coming artist I wrote it down and I checked them out when I got out, believe me! With all the old magazines, because we weren’t allowed to keep more than five at a time, I cut up and made collages on my photo albums. That’s how music and you guys bringing to me meant. For the past two years I’ve been able to just follow you on the web.
    I am 100% hard-core heavy metal enthusiast with hip-hop and 80’s metal roots. I would’ve enjoyed it had I heard something about Cryptic Wisdom and it be another notch in the Revolver belt on delivering. I’ve been to a show and I’m telling you this guy is awesome! Good dude, down to earth, with a helluva story to tell. There are many ears, that only you guys can reach with words, that need an ear tuned to this.

  • Joe Gregor

    His lyrics his flow his image everything that this kid is doing is right he’s original he makes you feel what he’s feeling ladies and gentlemen this is music at its best this is why people listen to music any success this kid gets he deserves it I can’t find what label he’s on so he must be Indy he is either going to be the biggest thing or the most fucked up flop ever

  • Jonny Graves

    Killed it like always. Anyone who’s not following the movement is fucking up. #Illien4life

  • Guest

    Love this guy. His music is so unique and therapeutic! i want more!

  • Elizabeth

    Love this song keep up the good work fam

  • Andrew Bruce

    Cryptic Wisdom is one of the few artists who have really down to earth music. Keep it up CW!

  • DurtE Decibelz

    This dude is killin it. Not bad for an underground rapper making the switch eh? Props.

  • Hilaria Wickedsweetstheclown V

    Only been a fan for a year…..I love his music…… his lyrics and flow is amazing.

  • Tracy

    And Again HE ROCKED IT..But What Can Did You Expect From The Beast He Is

  • tsee

    Stays killing it!!! WE WANT MORE WISDOM!!!!!

  • Jack The Ripper

    Much love from MN. I love this cd CW! Keep it up!

  • Becky Hætta Mjøen

    Cryptic never dissapoints!<3

  • Brian

    This dude has some seriously good vocals, I gotta cop that album of his

  • Raul R Meza Jr.

    My homie right here. So talented.

  • PuPPeT

    #iLLeinScuad Great song Bro Keep up the good work

  • Mo


  • tenoch

    Good stuff David keep it up bro

  • Chris Russell

    This video is so fresh!

  • Scott Cook

    As always another great song from CW. Very deep and real music, love his music. ILLIEN reppin from the 406

  • Blazie D
  • Jesper Bergesen

    I love this, such a personal and powerful both song and video executed like only Cryptic Wisdom can! He never disappoints me in any anything that he releases, and this is no exception! I’ve always thought he deserves way more recognition for his talent, grind and lyricism! Much love from a Norwegian ILLIEN!


    Love seeing you keep succeeding homie! Kill it Norway!

  • prospect

    Whats up. Coming from an underground artist as myself, almost all of my fans and friends dig this dude. Including myself. (This dude is the shit) Cryptic Wisdom is nasty and I plus many more would like to see more of his music on this site. Keep the good music comin so we can bring the real underground music back to life

  • Chaotic Animosity

    Really feeling the evolution, this is really tight.

  • Friday Freed

    Always a fan of what CW drops! Keep it comin

  • Jeremy Watkins

    not too bad brotha

  • Austinmincheffaz

    Dope !!! You got your own lane.

  • Michelle

    Very deep song.
    As always love your stuff Cryptic! Keep it up dude!!

  • Sificvoid

    Well done CW! Keep the good tunes comin!!

  • Reynold Flett

    Aint no disappointment when CW drops another Music Video!!

  • chris

    Pure amazing talent

  • Mandy Dennings

    Wow, this rocks. So Awesome!! I fucking love this! Thank you for posting, Revolver!

  • Kaleb Lange

    keep up the good work my friend

  • Kaleb Lange

    need more music like this

  • Jae Sims

    Damn, i love this one! Big CW fan!

  • Namelis’

    Awesome Video Man….Can’t Wait To Hear More!!!

  • Brandon

    Good stuff, best of luck in future cd’s!

  • Joel Perez

    C.W Is such a deep artist & he’s my personal friend. He’s a good dude & really works hard for his fans. WE WANT MORE Cryptic!!!

  • Gabriel


  • Jordi

    Amazing song! Realy deep stuff, respect that you show that! But hey thats true Hiphop C.W is realy dope!

  • tyler

    yo tight shit.

  • Peter Moore

    Some of the dopest music I’ve heard and a great video clip to go along with it! Cryptic raps about the real stuff and does it in a way that gets through to the audience, that’s what separates him from a lot of other hip hop artists! Would love to see more cryptic wisdom on this page! :)


  • DriggoV

    Honestly gotta love the work Cryptic Wisdom does. I’ve known the guy personally for years and he never stops amazing me with how well he puts his thoughts down. His music deals with real issues and circumstances and isn’t overloaded with the money, drugs, women like all the nonsense coming out now-a-days. Mind you drugs are in it but as a passive experience and i can respect that. I would definitely be happy to see more or Cryptic Wisdom here and anywhere else!

  • Michael J. Gilmore

    This kid never fails to amaze me every album he puts out is better then the last he has so much talent he deserves to be in the big time he puts so much passion into his music he has his own style and doesn’t try to sound like other artists and that’s why I have been a fan from the get go I personally would love to see more of him on here

  • christian

    Never disappointed by CWs work. awesome

  • Kaleb Frost

    Great song. New song and album to listen to.

  • grinde

    Good stuff :O!

  • TJ Browe

    ive been goin hard all week

  • Eric

    We want more Cryptic Wisdom! his music actually has meaning behind it. Unlike most of the nonsense that is put out nowadays. His music helps those going through hard times. Why can’t there be more music artists like him that speak about real life situations? (I know there are some who do) But you know if a song has his name on it, it’s going to be great!

  • Troy Lujan

    We need more music by Cryptic Wisdom, Everything he does is from the heart and touches many lives. Revolver we need to see more of this guy. CW keep up the good work, and looking forward to seeing whats next…

  • Peter Moore

    Revolver we need more cryptic wisdom!!!

  • scottyb

    Revolver Cryptic Wisdom Has alot of talent and definatly has heart to tell the truth of life,,,,and we need more!!!!

  • VanLee

    CW deserves everything hes pushing for. His music relates to anybody who comes within hearing distance. On top of that, he is a very Modest man. He has personally givin me Help and reach. Offered me an opportunity where most would not take the time to care. CW..We Down for you bro

  • LizZ

    Badd ass cut! Can’t wait to hear more.

  • TracEy Danger Short

    Cryptic Wisdom is a very talented person. His underground music needs to be brought to light for everyone to experience his lyrical and musical genius.

  • linda

    I love the underground music just as much as the now. There is a lot of potential. In the guy. Give him his time to shine.

  • Spencer

    Every song this guy puts out just keeps getting better, great job!

  • Jenna Lovelylette Lindenmuth

    Real Af !! Cryptic Wisdom is one of the realest artists ever, I fucks with that!

  • Maleakai Skye

    Personally I can relate. He speaks truth and realism without all the bullshit fillers you see in music these days. I don’t get offended by cussin in music, it’s expression of self. But when you can send a message, a real one, into the world through music without the use of vulgarity that’s something in a whole new ballpark. He feels strongly about what he does? Give him a shot. Everyone n this world needs a chance to be better, do better, live better.

  • TexanBuckeye

    Not my style of music and I am not even sure how I came across this video. But I must say that I really liked it. It was very dark and heavy and, again, not my style. But damned if it wasn’t really good. It sounded like there is a message in there that a lot of people can relate to. Good luck to you, CW. Hope it works out for you. You definitely deserve a shot!!

  • bingglaa


  • bingglaa

    i would rather sling my selff of off a tree by a rope than listion to that again