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Dan Kenny of Suicide Silence Picks the Top Five Underground Death-Metal Bands

Dan Kenny of Suicide Silence Picks the Top Five Underground Death-Metal Bands

To say that metal can be extreme is, well, obvious. But lately, bands have been delving deeper and deeper into the darkest, most extreme recesses is metal possibility. Part of the extreme side of heavy music is the subgenre deathcore, of which Suicide Silence have been a large part. As such, the band even won a Revolver Golden God award for "Best New Talent."  Since deathcore is, by its simplest definition, the fusing of death metal and hardcore influences, we asked Suicide Silence bassist Dan Kenny (pictured left) about his Top Five Underground Death-Metal Bands in the spirit of finding new talent.






01. Deeds of Flesh "I consider Deeds of Flesh one of my favorite bands of all time, period. They have been a band since the early '90s with decent recognition but not as much as they should have gotten. They have seven full-lengths with a new one on the way. They have worked really hard as a band and pumped out a plethora of records for the fans. The guitarist-vocalist, Erik Lindmark, put together a record label called Unique Leader Records. That label gave fans pretty much everything a brutal death-metal fan could want. Deeds of Flesh to me has been a pioneer in the genre and I will always be thankful for them."


02. Gorgasm "One of the most brutal bands ever! Hailing from Indiana, Gorgasm, to me, is one of the coolest band names ever since all they really talk about is death--'Gore'--and sex--'gasm.' Their sound is completely relentless and super brutal. I have been a fan since I first picked up their EP Stabwound Intercourse solely on the cover. I used to buy bands' albums when I was young solely off names, album titles, and covers. It's a little cheesy but it seemed to work, it showed me great bands. The follow-up to Stabwound Intercourse is called Bleeding Profusely that has Dave Culross of Suffocation and Malevolent Creation on drums. It is a record I would bring to a deserted island 100 percent. I love this band!"


03. Disgorge  "Considered one of the most common band names in brutal death metal, the band I am talking about is the one from San Diego, California. These guys have been brutal and disgusting sounding since they first started. Also starting in the early 9'0s in California, they tag teamed a lot with Deeds of Flesh and did plenty of shows together. I would consider them pioneers of this genre as well. This band has had plenty of lineup changes but it has never changed their sound. Completely punishing drums, plenty of blast beats, with a different approach to guitars and can slam a breakdown with the best of 'em."


04. Skinless  "This band is probably the most well-known on this list. They were on Relapse Records and got plenty of tours in the past. Disbanded now, but never forgotten. This band has a huge influence on me and Suicide Silence. The two albums that stick out to me most are Progression Towards Evil and Foreshadowing Our Demise. I have listened to both of those records at least four million times a piece. This band is from New York and really figured out their own style quick. They have super slammy sounding parts with their fair share of blast beats and old school-sounding death metal. Sherwood Webber, to me, had such pissed-off vocals and also was a crazy man live. I miss this band but am thankful they existed."


05. Defeated Sanity  "Probably the newest formed band on this list, Defeated Sanity is a band that keeps getting better and better and better. The most perfect mixture of technical death-metal parts and slamming break-downy parts. This band certainly cares a lot about their craft as I heard they practice a lot and do play a good amount of shows. They have a record coming out next year on Willowtip Records and I am extremely excited for it. This is a band I think deserves more credit and fans of brutal stuff should know them and love them. They are going to be a staple band in this scene in the future for sure."

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