Dark Thrones: Hard Rockers WILSON Rate Toilets on the Road, Part 4

Hard-rock outfit WILSON are shitter aficionados. They’ve been rating toilets on the road for a while on their own blog, and now they’re bringing their expertise to RevolverMag.com. The band is currently crossing the country with Newsted and What the Hell, from whence they will be educating us on their various bathroom encounters. Here, singer Chad Nicefield drops blog No. 4.



“Boston Bruins…more like Boston bruises…on my ass cheeks.

“Here lays the Middle East in Cambridge, Mass, and boy, did I have something brewing in this Masshole.

“This has to be by far the worst of this tour. I chose the only stall with a proper door…however, no lock, so the boys got a chance to run up on me mid-toilet meal and snap this candid ‘business’ photo. At first, I thought there was no TP…but then, when the back of my head smashed into the TP box on the wall behind me, I was pleasantly surprised to get a good wipe in. This is some weird off brand of an American Classic, it completely set crooked. Plus, the seat was barely attached.

“I got a lot of love for New Englanders…so I’m not going to totally dis this shitter. All in all, 4 out of 10.”

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