Darkest Hour Premiere New Music Video, “The Misery We Make”


Washington D.C. melodic death metal act Darkest Hour will release their new self-titled album on August 5 via Sumerian Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new music video for “The Misery We Make.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

To get ‘Darkest Hour,’ visit iTunes or the band’s webstore. For more information on Darkest Hour, visit their website and Facebook.


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  • DaveK

    This is disappointing… Not because its not as heavy as past work or because of the clean vocals, but because it’s just too generic and uneventful/uninteresting.

    • Ken

      You have to hear the whole album. Trust me!

  • DHisnotDeathMetalwdf

    This song is my least favorite on the album. There are a few good ones but they are all more like this new defeating sound. No one knows wtf is going on with this. I ask myself, have these guys watched this video?! Its pretty hard to digest if you’re a fan of DH. I heard the album, after a few songs I became basically unaware of his new vocals and it just sounded like post deliver us material which isn’t bad. He’s been going this direction for awhile. Gl guys hope it goes well.

  • hipster glasses

    cool darkest hour turns EMO/HIPTER, GOOD way to lose your fan base!!!! Whats next? A new/women lead singer????? you ever hear the saying, “if it aint broke, Dont fix it”!!

    • Canon

      Yeah, because only hipsters wear glasses. You know he’s always had glasses right? YOu’re fucking dumb. The other songs on the new album are definitely better than this one.

    • Chris Why?

      I’ve been a fan since So Sedated, So Secure, and I think this material is wonderful. When you think Darkest Hour, you think super pissed off metal; I get that. You are subjected to an adjustment in expectations here, because the band isn’t known for having clean singing in their songs. The overall tone is a bit more relaxed than we are used to hearing, but I think some diversity helps to keep things fresh, and I’m all about this new sound now after being more open minded to their creative expansion. I still love their angrier stuff, but I can’t deny that John has a damn good singing voice and he is balancing it well with the screaming. I guess I’m saying that after all the albums they’ve made, and all the territory that they’ve explored, I wasn’t aware that this change is something that I wanted until it came. Now, if they do another album with less singing, it’s gonna be killer. If they do another one with singing, I’m already happy with that new element as well. Also, I think this will make them a bit more accessible for people getting into metal, which means those people then checking out the back catalog.

      In short (sorry), try to look at it from a growth perspective instead of maybe seeing it as a devolution. I hope you can come to appreciate it as I have.

  • MagyarPosta

    YOu have to listen the “Goddess figure” and the “Beneath the blackening sky” from this album. I think these songs and a few more on this album is one of the bests of all, if you listen a few times the whole album – you will understand.

    • Chris Why?

      100% agree. I really enjoy the entire album, but Goddess Figure and BtBS are just spectacular standouts on and already impressive record.

  • Hunter Kivlighan Carter

    Boring video, decent song, great album, stellar band!