Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie’s Cause of Death Revealed

dave brockie

As reported by the Associated Press, the Virginia medical examiner’s office has revealed that Dave Brockie, GWAR’s founding frontman, died of an accidental heroin overdose. Arkuie Williams, administrator at the chief medical examiner’s office, made the announcement, saying that Brockie’s cause of death was acute heroin toxicity.

Brockie died on March 23 at age 50.

GWAR will perform at this year’s GWAR-B-Q–which will take place Saturday, August 16 at Hadad’s Lake in Richmind Virginia–alongside Hatebreed, Body Count, Goatwhore, and others.

The band has announced that there will be a “Viking funeral for Oderus Urungus, whose form will burn upon the SS Boat as he makes his journey back to Valhalla and beyond.” The public memorial will be held the day prior to the GWAR-B-Q in the afternoon.


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  • Chris

    Not Surprising….

    Metalheads have drug issues.. always been that way.

    • Brian P. Christian

      All musicians have drug problems From Miles Davis, John Coletrane, Keith Richards, Anthony Kiedis… it’s definitely a musician thing statistically speaking…

      • Chris

        I agree, but metal gets a bad name for drug users….

        • Tyler Eckert

          So rather than fighting the stereotype against metal musicians and saying that the majority of musicians have drug problems, you’re feeding the beast.

          • Chris

            That depends on who is saying it. I am a life long metal Head, Been into metal since 4/5th grade when someone introduced us to twisted sister. (1983/4 or so)

            I have lost many friends (metal heads) to drugs, seen many metal musicians die because of drugs.

            I am not stereotyping at all.. It is well known fact that hard core drug users are more dominant in the metal genre. Sure we have seen Elvis, and Hendrix and other die from “DRUGS” but when it comes to cocaine, and heroine OD’s the most hard core of drugs, Metal musicians take the Cake. I mean look at Nikki Sixx….. If he don’t speak for everyone in the this genre of what can happen then I don;t know who does.

          • Karl Sanders’ Pointy Guitar

            “It is well known fact that hard core drug users are more dominant in the metal genre.”

            Way to fucking generalize.

            There are literally tens of thousands of musicians that could rightfully have been called (or currently are) “metal musicians” that have not died from hard drugs. There are also plenty that do not take drugs at all.

            Please stop feeding the stereotype.

  • James Pennington

    Long live Dave!!!

  • George

    I had never touched Heroin until I became immersed in Crossover/Hardcore culture. Drugs are definitely easier to acquire, and easier to do in our subculture. End of.

  • Erik Magnuson

    When is this gonna end?

  • Alex

    “Don’t want to fucking shoot myself, that would make a mess. I really should O.D. on junk, I think that would be best.” – Back in Crack. Long live Dave. Long live GWAR.