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Davey Suicide Picks His Favorite Horror Flicks

Davey Suicide Picks His Favorite Horror Flicks

It’s finally October, so we can start counting down the days until Halloween. Hell, we love Halloween so much we have a special issue called Rock! Shock! and Horror on newsstands now and available for purchase online right here. Because good scares often intersect with great metal, we asked Davey Suicide, frontman of the band of the same name, about his favorite horror movies.







"I love Jigsaw's concept of teaching his victims to appreciate life through his torture and traps.  The twists at the end of the films were great."


Silence of the Lambs
"Psychological thrillers are my favorite and the onscreen chemistry between Clarice and Hannibal Lecter is brilliant."


The Devil's Rejects
"The way Rob Zombie mixed the '70s music underneath the violent scenes was a great contrast.  Otis and the Clown's character and dialogue were great. Lastly, the way Zombie creates compassion for the killers at the end of movie when they are driving through the police roadblock was a perfect ending and I will forever remember 'Free Bird' to that visual."

Album of the Week: Nonpoint, Nonpoint