Davey Suicide Premieres New Song, “World Wide Suicide”

davey suicide color

Industrial rockers Davey Suicide will release their new album, ‘World Wide Suicide,’ on September 30 via Standby Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere the title track. Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The frontman says, “Consider September 30th, an intercontinental holiday for degenerates, as we share our latest piece of twisted therapy, ‘World Wide Suicide.'”

Davey Suicide will be on the road with Combichrist and William Control this fall. For more on the band, visit their Facebook and Twitter.


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  • Kiley

    Stoked for their new album, new song sounds great!

  • Negativemrb

    So if you steal a look from manson and a song title from pearl jam, you get this second rate shit. Also if your a grown man going by Davey, you need to realize your father still loves you and he’s waiting for a hug.

    • 4B3D4D

      You’re* πŸ˜‰

  • Dakotah Feist

    Sounds awesome!

  • Maria M

    As a long-time follower of Davey Suicide, I can honestly say this album is going to be fucking amazing. I’ve been waiting for a new album and judging by this song, it’s been worth every second! I’m absolutely stoked to hear the new album!

  • DIRT

    Sounds more like Dope than MM

  • Caitlin

    This artist is everything that is wrong with rock and roll today. There lies not one original idea/ sound/ lyric in this song or this persons look or persona. A copy of a copy of a copy. This is why Rock is dying. Nothing original and no one can actually write a solid song.

    • Nokturnyl

      I disagree. From my point of view, Davey Suicide and artists like him are exactly the reason why rock ISN’T dying. Surely you can’t go around with the mentality of “art is a lie, nothing is real” without feeling a little unfulfilled? I urge you to open your mind and appreciate newer artists. Perhaps it’s because I’m a long-time fan of Davey’s, but I genuinely don’t see any copying going on here.

    • Pieces

      Copy of a copy of a copy, I see what you did there…everything they say has come before.

  • Melodie

    Oh the marvelous comments! love the way people like to drag each other down, just cause you have an opinion doesn’t make you right, Love the song! and good on them for working their asses off to produce a sound that we love ..and yeah sure some don’t love, but i’m not gonna go and dis your taste in music! music has always been evolving and it has many genres for each individual to get their fix, so go find yours and leave those that like this genre in peace,