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Death Will Tremble Pick Their Top Five Horror Flicks

Death Will Tremble Pick Their Top Five Horror Flicks

Co-founded by metal lifer Phil Anselmo and true-crime author Corey Mitchell, the inaugural Housecore Horror Film Festival goes down in Austin, Texas, October 25 – 27. Brazilian horror legend Coffin Joe will be there, Nekromantik director Jörg Buttgereit will be there, The Manson Family director Jim VanBebber, Goblin will be there live-scoring a screening of Susperia while Mayhem vocalist Attila Csihar will provide a live score to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in his Void ov Voices alter ego. Down, Crowbar, Eyehategod, and Warbeast will play, as will Anselmo’s solo project, Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals. In anticipation of the event, various members of the HHFF staff and bands will be providing lists on a variety of topics; here, one of the other performing bands, Death Will Tremble, pick their Top Five Horror Flicks.

"It turns out that everyone in our band likes very different kinds of horror, so just about every list we came up with hit a brick wall because someone thought someone else's idea was stupid or ridiculous," says the band. "So we spent a couple of practice sessions going over possibilities, until eventually we decided the only way to get it done was to let everyone in the band pick their favorite horror film, and say why. The answers are perfect insight into everyone's personalities."

1. Pete's pick--Troll 2 "In terms of bad movies, it's a mind-fuck. We've got a misguided foreign director who doesn't know English, who plops his set for filming in Utah and hires a cast of all local non-actors. It's not a sequel to Troll, and it's about goblins. Did I mention the director doesn't know English? The dialogue is basically a collage of all the most generic sayings, but grammatically backwards. A witch turns a tree into a potted plant, there are ghosts, a corn on the cob in a gun holster, a rape that turns into a kid being buried in popcorn and a bologna sandwich nearly saves humanity at the end. Totally metal!"

2. Jake's pick--Hobo With a Shotgun "Simply because I watched a chick kill a man with her own broken arm bone."

3. Jason's pick--Sisters "Directed by Brian De Palma and a soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann. Just a genuinely creepy, 'guy's worst nightmare' movie. Plus, the soundtrack is awesome."

4. Hunter's pick--The Last Circus "A Spanish film originally titled Balada Triste de Trompeta. I found out recently that this movie is actually categorized as a drama/comedy, which surprised the shit out of me, because I haven't seen anything as fucked up as this in a long time. When I watch a horror flick, I want it to leave me feeling uneasy, uncomfortable, and somewhat guilty for having watched it--and this one hits the mark exactly. It's a long film, and it takes a minute to turn into horror, but the further you get into the underbelly of the circus and what made these people become clowns in the first place ('because if I wasn't a clown, I'd be a murderer'), the worse you start to feel. The cocky, alcoholic, abusive star of the circus happy clown and the pathetic, weird, submissive sad clown with an inherited lust for revenge against the people who imprisoned his father compete for the love of a pretty fucked-up girl (who also happens to be a circus performer) who plays both sides, complete with sex, ultra-violence, self-mutilation, murder and suicide. What's not to love?"

5. Chase's pick--Lucio Fulci's Zombie "Zombie vs. shark, 'nuff said."

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