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Deicide's Steve Asheim Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Deicide's Steve Asheim Picks the Most Metal Horror Movies

Our favorite holiday? Easy: Halloween. We’re eagerly counting down the days to All Hallows Eve, and we’re doing it by enlisting some of our favorite rockers to select the “most metal” fright flicks of all time. So check back right here at every day until the big, bad scariest one of them all. Read below to see Deicide and Order of Ennead drummer Steve Asheim's picks.

"A classic from the '80s. I grew up then so I have a certain fondness for stuff from that period. It's a mad-scientist/undead tale of sacrificing all for self-righteousness and sinister gains. Gruesome yet comedic! Part 2 [Bride of Re-Animator] was great, too!"

From Beyond
“Again from the ’80s, with a lot of the same cast from the Re-Animator movies. Again, the mad scientist and the quest for knowledge that knows no bounds, moral or otherwise. And asking the question: ‘What lies beyond, in the other realms, the other plains of existence?’”

Session 9
“A newer film, from ’04, I think. It’s cool because it’s a blend of psychotic and supernatural, and you’re never quite sure which you’re dealing with because you’re not sure if it’s real or if it’s all in your mind. It’s not particularly gory but is pretty gruesome. I watched it with my girlfriend at the time and she had to leave the room at the end. Also, it reminds me a bit of the The Shining as far as locations and the creepiness it conveys.”

The Old Dark House
“A great horror film from long ago, 1931, I think. I like it because it reminds me that, even that long ago, there were some really creepy people out there, just like today. I think today there’s just more of them. But the film is just a dark, sinister tale of madness, seclusion, and violence…obviously topics that are timeless. I like old films. The original Dracula and Frankenstein and others… There’s a very cool historical significance to them for me.”

Day of the Dead
“Of all the ‘zombie’ or ‘…of the Dead’ movies, this one’s my favorite. I just like the concept of a nation or worldwide occurrence like the 'undead' and how you’d go about taking care of it. You know, tactically and logistically, the clean up and aftermath."

“It’s obvious to me why these films are all appealing to the ‘metal’ types. Because they all seem to deal with topics of humanity and it’s darker core fundamentals. Greed, lust, obsession, murder, defiance, self-deprivation, and preservation, etc. The things we all, as metalheads, know exist, that most people would rather act like don’t exist, things that most people are afraid to face in others and in themselves. Confronting these things and knowing them, to me, is what is ‘metal’ about these movies and the people who enjoy them.”

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