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Derya Nagle of The Safety Fire Picks the Five '80s Shredders with the Best Hair

Derya Nagle of The Safety Fire Picks the Five '80s Shredders with the Best Hair

The guitarist for UK prog-metal band The Safety Fire, who are out supporting their latest album, Grind the Ocean, Derya Nagle (pictured left) is a big-time fan of '80s metal shredders. But not just for their pyrotechnic guitar licks. It's also their equally prodigious hair that has him captivated. Here, the man with notable hair of his own (under his nose) picks the Top Five '80s Shredders with the Best Hair, plus the accompanying videos to prove his point.



5. Eddie Van Halen "I think the combination of his smile, hair, and licks made Eddie one likeable guy. While Eddie's hair wasn't the most outlandish, his stage moves and general demeanor added to his overall swagger, making his hair shine."

4. Yngwie Malmsteen "Nothing says, 'Look how good my hair is' like wearing seven gold necklaces. Yngwie looks as suitable as an 18th-century European monarch as he does an '80s shredder."

3. Reb Beach "Reb seems to be crowned as one of the most underrated shredders of the '80s, often forgotten for his excellent hair. You can talk about his tapping technique all day long, but the real question is, who was his hairdresser?"

2. Marty Friedman "I remember being 8 years old and seeing my brother's tab book for Rust In Peace and thinking, This guy looks tough. Not much has changed. Still pouring out hot licks, Marty is still rocking the perm as proudly as he did in the '80s."

1. Paul Gilbert "I think I miss his hair the most. It had a certain buoyancy to it, which accentuated his alternate picking licks. I, one day, hope to achieve both. A man can dream."

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