Device, Led by David Draiman of Disturbed, Debut New Cover Song, “Close My Eyes Forever” Featuring Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

Device, the new industrial-rock project led by Disturbed’s David Draiman, will release their self-titled debut on April 9. The album includes guest appearances by Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold, Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, and Glenn Hughes of Deep Purple and Black Country Communion.

In anticipation, the band has debuted their cover of the classic Ozzy-and-Lita Ford duet “Close My Eyes Forever,” which sees Draiman tackling Ozzy’s vocals and Halestorm‘s Lzzy Hale taking on Lita Ford‘s parts. Check it out below, see what Draiman has to say about the song in the video, and let us know what you think in the comments.

For more information, visit and check out the band on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, and iTunes.


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  • C.j. Singleton

    Sounds absolutely amazing I couldn’t think of any two other vocalists worthy of covering this song.

    • HeadBanger McSlayer

      That pretty much sums up what I was goin to say but better.

    • tvonthebrain

      Kind of surprised at all the hate for this one. It embodies everything that Device is set out for here, everything they wanted to do.

    • Cody Miller

      I could think of others, OK David yes he fit ozzy’s roll very well, but Lzzy not that great I coulda thought of a few others better for the roll like Amy Lee from evenesence.

      • James ‘Vic’ Hines

        Amy really isn’t all that talented though, objectively; she just has a high dynamic register (but poor breath control, which even bleeds over into their recorded endeavors). Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil is the only other candidate I could think of capable of pulling off this level of performance; she and Lzzy are very similar in level of talent, energy, and control, albeit with very different styles. Had it been her on this recording, it would have taken a radically different shape- and I’m personally glad Lzzy got the part, because she nailed it.

  • John_B

    Is “Device” Latin for “Abortion”?

    • tvonthebrain

      Perhaps you should actually understand what Device is trying to do here before you make such ridiculous comments.

  • H2oShy

    This cover effing SUX!!! Lizzy is no Lita and David is no Ozzy. It sounds like crap that would come out of a garage band recording in their garage. REMAKE FAIL!!!!!

    • Mike Bacon

      You’re correct when you say that,” Lizzy is no Lita and David is no Ozzy.” If you want to hear the original version, go listen to it. After all, this is what’s refered to as a “REMAKE.” What would suck and be totally pointless would be if they made an exact copy of the original song. Just my opinion.

  • Ivan Fonseca

    Device is awesome!

  • Jean Long Wagner


  • Disturbed Lover

    i dont no if i like the new but hey maybe his song will be played on the raido !

  • Stephanie Roberts

    Gives me goosebumps!!! AMAZING!!!

  • Janet Neese

    Those of you that hate this have no taste in music simple as that!

  • Kay Roth

    Absolutely awesome! I love how it doesn’t sound exactly like the original.

  • Karen Chandler

    brilliant song xxxx

  • tvonthebrain

    Beautiful, just beautiful.

    I love the original and this doesn’t “top” it, but it sure the hell makes for an excellent cover. For a band looking to focus on new stuff, this is one HELL of a way to start it off!

    • DragonWytch

      I agree! Close my Eyes was THE first Ozzy song I ever liked…I have it everywhere, and now, this is a good enough cover (agreed, doesn’t top it, but it still gives me goosebumps!) that I want it!!!

  • Other

    Weeelll…each to their own

  • Jeremy DuBourg

    i usually love “disturbed”s covers ; shout,land of confusion,midlife crisis, living after midnight ect. but i gotta say i’m not thrilled by this one

    • tvonthebrain

      Device is not ‘disturbed’. They are two separate bands with two separate ideals.

  • Allan Doan

    Takes all of the feeling out of the original………definitely not a fan !!!!!

  • Linda Cignarale

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely amazing! If music were an orgasm I just had one!

  • Guest

    Okay I have to say it will never be the Ozzy and Lita HOWEVER I absolutely love it for it being a remake. Two of my favorite’s came together to make something very awesome. Great song!

  • Jeremy DuBourg

    but as they are fond of saying “keep it in the family” i’m not an idiot i know they are different bands ith different agenda’s but even stone sour gets likened to slipknot ect…

  • Lisa Eaklor

    I absolutely love it for it being a remake. Two of my favorite’s came together to make something very awesome. Great song!

  • calafea

    I remember listening to the original on a late night rock video show after high school dances on Friday night. Loved it then… and loving the cover. David’s voice is fantastic and i’m really starting to like Lizzy’s too. Great job, can’t wait for the album!

  • Ashley Strode

    I once thought that Lzzy could not cover an Ozzy song with ANYBODY!!! But after hearing this I have completely and totally 100% changed my mind. This song is surprisingly amazing!! I want more….

  • Widowmaker0069

    It’s human nature for jealous people to hate what is better than they could ever be.

  • Tonya Allen

    Its a gorgeous remake. I think both Lita and Ozzy are proud. And who else better to judge than the originals, huh?

  • chris

    i love this cover :), nice to see david branch out from disturbed and give some fresh stuff

  • Rockfan75

    Lizzy Hale is the foremost female vocalist in rock today, and what more can be said for David other than he is a rock god! LOVED IT!

  • Voanna Cordingley

    Gave me chills …..

  • Steve Caya

    Ah the sweet sounds of REAL music!!! Thank you David & Lzzy…there is hope for ROCK still!

  • Jennifer Emily

    Chills flew down my spine when I David began singing!

  • tre

    Vocals are great,drums too overpowering. Who ever produced this album dropped the ball,on this track steady.

  • Karlee

    I LOVE it!! It gave me goosebumps!

  • Terry Sieving

    David shows a range, and power, you don’t see a lot of with Disturbed’s music. Lzzy drops the ball though; too reserved, too mellow.

  • Juergen Cooper

    I love this version and will be looking for it on ITunes!

    • tvonthebrain

      April 9th can’t come soon enough. That’s when their CD is going live.
      This isn’t the first song I’ve ‘liked’ that they’ve released (so far), but it is the first one that I’ve LOVED :)

  • David Hoff

    I thought this was pretty good, but the thing about the original was that Ozzy and Lita’s voices were the most powerful part of the song. In this version, the instruments sometimes seem to overpower David and Lzzy’s vocals. I would absolutely LOVE to hear an “unplugged” version of this, where their voices are really given a chance to shine.

  • Gary Cater

    I love that they brought that song back because OZZY and LITA KICKED ASS on that song.The thing about bringing back a timeless wonder is you got to make it better and i just think its Great they redid it but it sounds to much like the SAME song it was!!!!

  • Teka Lynn Harmon-Neal

    I think it absolutely rocks, David is an amazing vocalist. two thumbs up

  • Ally Singletary

    Absolutely love it!!!

  • fallenangel8

    Love it. It’s a great cover.

  • metalheadvt

    It is very rare when a cover does the original any justice, let alone be just as amazing!