Diamante Premieres Cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”


Seventeen-year-old rocker chick Diamante has premiered her cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Watch the live video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

“Musically, Nirvana has become a huge inspiration in my life,” Diamante comments. “Nirvana’s music is essentially pop melodies with a hard rock edge, and that is what I see my own music to be. I want to bring rock music back to the masses, and back to top 40 radio especially. ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the best track to connect those who don’t know me yet to something familiar. It is such an iconic song, and no one has really had the balls to cover it yet. This cover is our own token of mad respect Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, they’ve been such a strong influence to all of us growing up.”

Diamante’s single “Bite Your Kiss” is now available on iTunes. For more on Diamante, visit her website and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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  • nich


  • Jackie Alexandra Haase

    Love this!

  • Callum Dearman

    Vocals are terrible

  • Kerio

    Yep. Sounds like she’s gargling marbles. Sounds just like Nirvana.

  • Josh Rowe

    Hmm… not bad I suppose. Could be better, but could always be worse. At least it’s decent.

  • 6psychotic6

    Get back in the kitchen were you belong, your band & your singing sucks. This song should never be covered…

  • Robenstein

    No better than the covers I have seen from a hundred bar bands. Sounds weaker than the original.

  • RavenSkye Walden

    This is one of those songs that are hard to do a great cover of. This cover wasn’t bad, I like it.

  • Sarah Schapiro

    Fucking awesome!

  • engage7

    Right, NO ONE has EVER covered this song. Not ONCE.

  • Metalheadqueen

    Uhm… Joan Jett technically did…

  • Douglas Young

    One of the easiest songs to play.. but not to pull off the energy/meaning of the song. This band sounds way too calculated and perfect in their rendition. The vocals just sound like every other “rock chick” band these days. In essence this song was Nirvana. Leave it alone. Unless you’re the perfect combination of strung out, sloppy, genius, and imperfect. Then maybe give it a shot.

  • Douglas Young

    Voice-wise I bet Brody Dalle could pull it off nicely.

  • drew

    Seriously. .. this teeney bopper hasn’t a clue

  • Phillip Blair

    Sorry, didn’t get past the John Legend ad. Put up a version without ads or at least an ad I can sit through without vomiting on my keyboard, and I might give it a listen.

    • Zlurgh

      Get “Adblock” it’s a free download and stuff like that goes away.

  • Andrew Smith

    Way better then Nirvana. They had not talent. Best thing to happen to Nirvana was when Kurt Cobain shot him self.

  • John Foytek

    That skullet looks so bad

  • Rodrigo Elias

    great vocals, this is dope

  • Lexi Monachesi

    Rad cover, love the band too.

  • Toyler Quest

    The hell is this? Her vocals kinda suck. Sounds like the combined voice of a Nickelback/Avril Lavigne song….oh wait, that’s happened before?

  • Heather Mackenzie

    Sorry luv but there have plenty of covers of this song since it came out in 1991 so this is neither original or particularly good.

  • Brian F

    This girl looks like an idiot. More importantly, she sounds like your run of the mill, idiotic vocal-processed, below-average pop singer. This cover is blasphemy!! :)

  • Jason Pepper

    First off I can hear the guitarist mistakes, and last but not least her voice is sick sounding like a digital fuck fest that pop fans are into.

  • shittits


  • shittits

    She really should have googled or something before saying something so stupid. Not the first one to cover this.

    • Chris Ruben

      Obviously, it seems stupid to me that you think she does not know that, that statement was taken out of context, she means no one recently has come out to the media with this cover. Duh

  • Chris Ruben

    You old dudes, this chick is rocks and is talented as fuck!

    • Phillip Blair

      Yeah, just keep telling yourself that, lol. She’s hot, but she sounds like dead dogshit. Clean your ears out young man and go buy a Nirvana album if you wanna hear how this is supposed to sound.

  • disqus_fMI6gV1z9Z

    the Melvins even covered this song

  • Shell

    is that avril?