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Doctor Charged in Death of Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray Acquitted

Doctor Charged in Death of Slipknot Bassist Paul Gray Acquitted

According to, the doctor who treated Slipknot bassist Paul Gray (pictured left) has been acquitted of seven counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Daniel Baldi was accused of causing deaths of Gray, who died in 2010, and eight others with his careless prescription habits. His lawyer argued that none of the patients in question died from overdoses of drugs the doctor had prescribed.

Gray's widow, Brenna Gray, testified on April 22 in the trial, saying her husband's final weeks were a "blur of extreme drug abuse," which neither his doctor nor his bandmates would help his wife confront. She said Baldi continued to prescribe Xanax for her husband, despite knowing he was a drug addict, saying, "I just wasn't really sure why he was on it, why he needed it along with the medication he was taking for addiction."

Gray's autopsy results stated he had died of an overdose of morphine and fentanyl and had shown signs of "significant heart disease."

Baldi still faces several civil lawsuits as well as administrative charges from the Iowa Board of Medicine.

Besides his wife Brenna, Gray is survived by their daughter, October, who was born after his death.

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