DragonForce Premiere Cover of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”

DragonForceDragonForce have premiered their cover of the Man in Black’s classic, “Ring of Fire.” Check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

The band will release their new album, ‘Maximum Overload,’ on august 19 via Metal Blade Records.


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  • Rico Bendimez

    It’s okay.

  • Korey Anderson

    i like the original one the best but i don’t rely like it in my opinion i like there band but not the song they recreated

  • Craig Hagerman

    Was expecting worse, so not too bad.. But to be honest I’m not a fan of Johnny Cash’s version so….

  • Bad Relish

    Freaking insane!

  • Randy Gene Maitrejean Jr

    I hate it when bands totally change the music but keep the lyrics the same and call it a cover.

    • Bob

      how is the music changed? it follows the same harmony and rythyms as the original, only it’s not one guy playing it on an acoustic guitar. not a fan of Dragon Force at all, but this isn’t a bad cover. Honestly I think theres nothing worse than a band who does a cover and it sounds identical to the original. If you don’t put your own spin on it, don’t do it all.

  • Simon

    Definitely interesting. I like it, but I don’t think it can really be compared to any other version. The chorus is strong, though. I appreciate that.

  • Daniel Willen

    As far as covers go, this is the most sounding like the original but retaining to the bands main sound as it gets. I like it.

  • Shawn

    Great great great. This song is a classic and this version is as great tribute, not unlikevJohnny Cash covering NIN and Soundgarden.

  • Vahe Danielyan

    Soo good song