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Dream Theater Name Mike Mangini as New Drummer

Dream Theater Name Mike Mangini as New Drummer

After a long search, intense auditions and a short documentary, progressive metal band Dream Theater have finally announced their new drummer as Mike Mangini of Steve Vai fame. Mangini also has played with Extreme and Canadian thrash band Annihilator, earning him a reputation that immediately put him on the drummerless Dream Theater's short list.

The announcement was made in part three of a short documentary titled The Spirit Carries On, which chronicled the band's search for a replacement for longtime drummer and band founder Mike Portnoy. Portnoy parted ways with Dream Theater last September after requesting that the band take a break before writing a new album; the rest of the band declined.

Dream Theater lead singer James LaBrie had this to say on the announcement: "This is one of the most important decisions in our career and sorry to have to make you wait and I'm sure it's been extremely stressful. Nonetheless, we have some news for you and we would like to welcome you to the family."

Check out Part 3 of The Spirit Carries On on YouTube here.

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