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"Enhanced" Version of Ozzy Osbourne After Hours Video Appears Online

After Hours Video Appears Online">

Although most fans of Ozzy Osbourne and the late Randy Rhoads have already seen video of various parts of Osbourne's After Hours TV appearance from the spring of 1981, you might want to check out this new "enhanced" version of one clip.

This new version (top video), which was posted March 17, certainly does look better than other After Hours clips on YouTube, including one that's called "HQ Best Quality - After Hours," which you can check out below (bottom video) to compare and contrast. (NOTE: The performances in the two clips don't match up, but they're from the same After Hours broadcast — so you can still compare the quality of the videos, which is our point.)

Also note that this clip is only four minutes long; perhaps the enhancers (whoever they might be) are still working on the rest of the show. Regardless, enjoy it — and let us know if you think it looks better!

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