Epic Metal Fail: What Happens When You Shred Too Hard – Video

shred-failShit, man, sometimes when you’re burning on the fretboard things get out of control.

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  • eLTijuana

    thats what happens when u wear a GNR shirt 😛

  • asustado.

    OMG…! It`s terrible.

  • javi

    Fake !!

  • wankmaster

    Fake? yathink? Fucking retard….

  • Koki

    That’s sad when you can see the cord being played with the whole video. If you’re gonna fake something like this be a bit more skilled at it.

  • Unsacred Seed

    Hilarious. I’ve never thought of ending a solo that way

  • Zach Perry

    Totally fake. Unless he plugged his guitar directly into the Tv.

  • Devin Nuñez

    he sucks anyways

  • 8089

    Why does he say ‘rawl plug’ at the end?

    • Axel Nilsson

      He used a Scandinavian word: Röven, which means Ass. Used in swearing

  • Nick

    Why do people insist to call things fake? Why would it be fake? Is it because he was playing and the t.v fell? lmao shit happens. He wasn’t even paying attention to it. Oh and also… WHO GIVES A FUCK IF IT IS FAKE OR NOT!! Most of you commenting on this can’t even reach his skill level of guitar playing so shut the fuck up and move on with your life and go back to playing Seven Nation Army acting like you’re a musician. Some of you that comment I know are trolls but the rest of you that say that its fake need to get a life.

    • blues1963

      his “skill level”? his riffs were too bland, generic and easy.

  • BruisedBlues

    …The day that Matt Tuck gave up lead guitar…

  • Ryan

    he has an ‘appetite for destruction’.

  • John Paul Smith