Epic Video! Watch the “Battle of the Best Female Guitarists in the World”

1-bfgLast summer, Alizee Defan ran a contest — or simply created a few videos — dubbed “Battle of the Best Female Guitarists in the World.”

True to their titles, the clips certainly do feature some fine fretwork courtesy of a host of guitarists, including Jessica Gardlund (pictured above) and, well, lots of other people whose names we can’t seem to locate in the clips (although the Iron Maidens’ Nita Strauss and Courtney Cox make an appearance, as does young French guitarist Tina S. You’ll also see bassist Tal Wilkenfeld, who is, again, a bassist …).

Check out the videos below!



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  • Jaime Narvaez Castañeda

    Almost all of them suck… honestly, don’t matter if they’re girls or guys, besides nita, the iron maidens and the girl with the red bandanna, they suck ass! Where’s orianthi?

    • Smash

      awww dude…. I don’t know if you mean to come across like this but you sound like you’ve got some real sour grapes….can the little girlies out perform you or something?
      Put up one of your vids buddy… Lets see how good you are.

  • Stephanie Costa

    Orianthi…for sure!

  • Fernando Colores

    yeah curtney cox rocks!! Denise Rosenthal its cool aswell

  • metaltooth

    juliette valdurez best.